What Kids Think About Travel

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Milana has been flying since she was just 6 weeks old.  Now at 7, she has visited 23 countries (many 3 or more times) and 20 US States at the time of this interview.  She’s got this flying/traveling thing down and has some opinions on traveling to go along with it!  I recently sat her down and asked her what her thoughts were about travel and loved hearing it from her perspective.  And just like all of us parents predicted, it wouldn’t be a fun trip without the kids in tow!

    1. What has been your favorite place so far?
      “All of them!”
    2.  Where would you like to go again?
      “Tokyo to see Hello Kitty land (Sanrio Puroland), Sweden when it’s warm to play on the playground without freezing my face off, and Hong Kong to eat all the yummy dumplings.”
    3. Should parents take their kids on trips?
      “Yes, of course! Why wouldn’t you take your kid on all your trips? It’s a lot more fun for the parents when their kids are with them.”
    4. How do you entertain yourself on long flights?
      “Sleep. I also bring my backpack filled with arts and crafts, some toys and iPad. I also sing songs in my head.  And lots of snacks. I just want to eat all day.”
    5. What’s your favorite part of traveling?
      “Getting to eat lots of yummy foods and visiting fun places.”
    6. What are some of your favorite foods from your travels?
      “Dumplings from Hong Kong and Taipei and meatballs in Sweden.”
    7. What are your favorite souvenirs?
      “Keychains and stuffed animals.  And the photo books you make, they help me remember all the trips.”
    8. What have you learned from traveling so much?
      “A lot! I know that Jørn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House because they told us that on the tour.” (We took a tour in April and she has retained this little tidbit!).  And how to be patient. Sometimes flights are long. And bus rides, they always take forever!”
    9. Where do you want to go next?
      “Italy to see the Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa.  And the Philippines, because they have great food.”
    10. How do you make friends on your trips?
      “We just kind of start playing. Sometimes we don’t speak the same language but it doesn’t matter because we can still play and have fun.”

And there you have it, straight out of the mouth of a tiny traveler! Have you ever asked your kids what they think about travel and what their favorite things are? If you are curious what Milana packs in her backpack, check out our what to pack for the plane post!


  • Emman Damian

    I love the mini interview transcript here. I really believe that traveling for kids can vary from one child to another. The earlier we expose them, the better or they appreciate it more. You get to learn about their behaviors too during the trip.

  • Lisa

    Milana is a little girl after my own heart! I remember reading about her Hello Kitty adventures in Japan and being seriously jealous! I love her choices for her next travels too. We live half the year in Italy, so let me know if you need any tips!

  • Vanessa Ball

    What a lucky girl! It really shows in her knowledge of the world and how to interact with people who don’t speak the same language, that kind of education is priceless. Wasn’t surprised to hear food mentioned a few times. Great article!

  • Leah

    This was such a fun post to read! I love Milana’s response to #3- “Yes, of course!” We have our own little girl who one year old, and she already loves to travel! We look forward to taking her on more adventures, like you have with your daughter.

  • Becki

    I love that you have given Milana so many wonderful worldwide experiences at such a young age. Some of her responses I can totally relate to, both her and I evidently rate food as one of the highlights to travelling. I look forwards to heating what Milana has to say about Rome. As a foodie that she evidently is, she will LOVE the ice-cream and pizza, as a heads up, the best pizzas are in Napoli.

  • amar singh

    I must admit I have been travelling with my kids when they were a few months old and this has really helped me as they are well travelled already and i do not have any issues doing long haul flights with them. It is strange how kids like most of the destinations equally and some a lot more even for small reasons. Looks like Milana will run out of places to visit by the time she reached her teens yet be very knowledgeable when it come to cultures and food . I hope I can make my kids travel a lot more.

  • Archana Singh

    I am a solo traveller so I had no idea what goes on in the mind of little travellers. I am so glad you did this post and shared your daughter’s thoughts. They are so cute and insightful. Dumplings from Hong Kong are really great. Good choice!

  • Andreja

    Hehe that was super cute interview to read! Kids are super easy to make friends anywhere! I was babysitting two boys for a year in Canada and they would make friends anywhere anytime! Postman, garbageman, random people on the street – you name it! We should learn from them ?

  • Shaily

    Wow! This is such a cute and interesting read. Milana is lucky to travel to so many places at a very young age. She even has opinions about her travels, her favourite souvenirs, as well as her future travel plans. With her travel experiences, she has learnt to be patient on the long flights and bus rides – that’s really cute! I like her answer when she says that parents should take their kids with them for travel.. hahahaha.. Great to read this little traveler’s interview.

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