what to do in biscayne national park with kids

Visiting Biscayne National Park With Kids

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Heading to Biscayne National Park with kids and wondering what there is to do? We’ve got you covered! Biscayne National Park is located between Miami and Everglades National Park, making it a great addition to your South Florida trip. 95% of the park is composed of water, making it a very unique National Park. Read on for what to do in Biscayne National Park with kids.

what to do in biscayne national park with kids

How to get to Biscayne National Park

If you’re visiting Biscayne National Park, chances are you are staying in Miami. We based ourselves in Miami, and our hotel was less than an hour drive to the park. Something to note about this park, it has no entrance fees which is unlike all of the other National Parks.

Best time to visit Biscayne National Park

The best time to visit Biscayne National Park is mid December through April, when the weather is cooler and drier. We visited in February, and it was in the 70s and breezy, perfect for exploring the outdoors. The summer months are more crowded and also hot and humid with more rain, so plan accordingly!

Where to stay when visiting Biscayne National Park

Camping in Biscayne National Park

There are two campgrounds in the park, both located on islands in Elliott Key and Boca Chita Key. You will need a boat to access either of these campgrounds. Keep in mind that there are no trash receptacles so you must carry your trash out. Lots of people didn’t get that memo and we found a ton of trash all over Boca Chita Key. Don’t be that person, take your trash out and keep this place pristine for future visitors.

Best Family-Friendly Hotel near Biscayne National Park

Since we based ourselves in Miami, we recommend staying there since there is so much to do in Miami with kids. There are countless resorts and hotels in the city, making it a great option for traveling families. You can easily do a day trip to the park from Miami.

AirBnB near Biscayne National Park

Prefer your own space? Then an AirBnB might be your best option. Search their site to find one that fits your needs.

Things to bring when visiting Biscayne National Park with kids

  • Bug Spray: This is Florida after all, so be sure to bring some bug spray! We all got bites during our visit.
  • Sunscreen: Since this National Park is located on the water, you’re going to need some sunscreen especially during the summer months! We love Coola because of its ingredients (no chemicals!) and it works well for fair skinned, blonde Milana.
  • Kids Snorkel Set: If your kids snorkel, you’re going to want to bring their snorkel set. Milana has been using this one for a few years now (she used it in the Galapagos Islands) and it works really well. Even though she’s an excellent swimmer, we use this snorkeling vest as well which gives her more confidence in super deep waters.
  • Water and snacks: There is nowhere to buy food while visiting the park. If you do the boat tour, it’s going to be 3 hours long. Bring some food and snacks, there are many places to picnic in the park. Our boat had a giant cooler to put things that need to stay cold.
  • National Parks Journal: This is what we bring on all of our National Park trips and Milana fills it out. It’s simple and even has blank pages at the end to add new National Parks.

Books and games about National Parks

Things to do in Biscayne National Park With Kids


While there aren’t hikes like you’d see in other National Parks, there are still some places to walk to and explore. Near the Dante Fascell Visitor Center there’s a cute walk you can do with your kids. You’ll cross over the bridge then walk along a path, with the water on both sides. It’s cute, mostly shaded and kids will love exploring it.

what to do in biscayne national park with kids
what to do in biscayne national park with kids
things to do in biscayne national park with kids

Boat Tour

With 95% of the park in the ocean, it’s going to be really hard to visit the park without going on a boat tour. We did a 3 hour tour with Heritage of Biscayne and there were only 3 other people on our giant boat! You will learn about the amazing history of the park and visit Boca Chita Key, where you can see the lighthouse, wander around and explore and just hang out on their pristine beaches.

things to do in biscayne national park with kids
Boca Chita lighthouse
biscayne national park boat tour with kids
things to do in biscayne national park with kids
Perfect beach for kids to play on!
things to do in biscayne national park with kids
things to do in biscayne national park with kids
Short hike on Boca Chita Key.


If you like snorkeling, there are boat tours that will take you to some amazing snorkel sites. You can also snorkel right on Boca Chita Key, where the water is clear and shallow.

Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding

Both of these activities are available as well within the park, and there are even boat tours that will take you to the best spots.

Junior Ranger Program

Be sure to head upstairs when you get to the Visitor Center and pick up your Junior Ranger book! Keep in mind that the book for this park is identical to that of the Everglades and Dry Tortugas. Since Milana completed most of the book for her age group the day before at the Everglades, we opted to get the one for the younger ages here for some variety.

things to do in biscayne national park with kids

Where to eat near Biscayne National Park with kids

After our boat tour, we drove 15 minutes to the marina and had dinner at the Black Point Ocean Grill. They have lots of seafood options and you can sit outside, overlooking the water.

As you can see, Biscayne National Park is one of the best National Parks to visit with kids. Your kids will love playing in the water and spotting all of the amazing wildlife. Want to save this post for later? Pin one of the images below!

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