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Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Traveler in Your Life

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Are you looking for some gift ideas for the traveler in your life? We have you covered with the ultimate gift guide for every traveler in your life! Here are our top picks that are sure to be a hit. For more kid specific recommendations especially stocking stuffers, this in flight entertainment post has lots of ideas! 

  1. Travel Wallet/Passport Holder We use this one and it fits our passports and boarding passes, with room to spare. It’s compact enough to fit into your backpack and easy enough to reach when you need your travel documents.
  2. Packing Cubes These little cubes will make your travel much more organized! We have tried many and love the Gonex compression cubes. Each member of our family has their own set in a different color, making it easy to find our things when traveling.
  3. Electronics organizer Let’s face it, we all travel with gadgets and the chargers that go along with them.  Put them into this nifty case and you will have them all in once place.
  4. Universal Adapter Stop carrying multiple adapters and get this one that will work in most countries! It’s got 4 USB ports as well, making it easy to charge multiple devices at once.

5. Headphones Whether you need toddler headphones, a pair for older kids or adult sized ones, we have recommendations for ones we have personally used for years! When Milana was younger, we used the Kidz Gear headphones. These are THE BEST and lasted from the time she was 18 months old til she was 7. Unlike most kid headphones that limit volume, these have an optional volume limit cable, which means your kids will be able to hear over airplane noise. They are still as good as new with plenty of life left, however she has outgrown them sadly so we moved up to these foldable big kid headphones and they have been really awesome as well! For adults, I highly recommend Beats headphones.

6. Travel Journal for kids Now for adults, we recommend a notebook where you jot down your memories. But for kids, we tested quite a few travel journals and have narrowed it down to our favorites so be sure to read our guide! 

7. Books are always a hit with kids and what better gift than a book about the places they have been to or are going to! We have a list of our favorite travel books for kids, be sure to check it out. For adults and older kids, we recommend the Kindle.  It’s one device that comes on every trip and holds endless entertainment! If they already have a Kindle, then get them a month or two of the Kindle Unlimited membership. It’s the best thing ever for avid readers! 

8. Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar We use natural shampoo and soap at home so it’s only natural that we travel with natural products as well. After tying several shampoo bars, this is hands down our favorite! 

9. Reusable utensil and straw set Again, we don’t want to use plastic utensils that only contribute to landfill waste so we each have a set of these utensils. They also come with a stainless steel straw and straw cleaner, which is perfect especially since many cities (yay!) are now banning the use of single serve plastic straws. Our state recently banned them, so it’s best to bring your own if you are a straw user! 

10. Reusable shopping bags Many countries and states (ours included!) have banned the use of plastic bags. Even if they haven’t, we bring our own to cut down on plastic waste. These are super tiny and fold up when not in use.

11. Hydroflask You can never have too many reusable water bottles! We have several different sizes of the Hydroflask and bring them when traveling to avoid purchasing plastic bottles.

12. Trtl Travel pillow This is by far the best travel pillow we have used! And now they have a Junior version, which we have purchased for Milana. 

13. Travel towel These are great for travelers and very quick drying, making them perfect for travel. 

14. Travel umbrella For those unexpected downpours, every traveler needs one of these compact umbrellas! 

15. Lenses for smartphones These are actually really fun to play with! Great gift for the traveler that has everything. 

16. Scratch off world map These are a must for any traveler! We have several types of these, including one dedicated just to the United States and Europe for Milana.

17. Anker portable charger There are many chargers to choose from, but we highly recommend this one. It’s super compact and will charge your device quickly! 

18. Travel laundry bag This is often forgotten by many travelers, forcing them to use the plastic bags provided by hotels. These are reusable and packable, making them an excellent choice for travel.

19. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag This is a great gift for the active traveler in your life. This bag will keep their valuables dry while they are kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.

20. World Traveler of Frequent Flyer shirt for the child in your life! 

world traveler kid shirt

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