Travel Books For Kids

We are huge book fans in this house and travel books are always a favorite!  Every time we plan a trip, we make sure to get some books about our travel destination.  Here are some of our favorites. If you click on the book, it will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase it.

General Travel Books


United States

Other Areas


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  1. We love the “This Is” book collection! They’re so great, especially to prep kids for traveling to said city. We’ve also found a few easy to read foreign language books that are great to prep the kids. The Tomi books are really wonderful for priming the French!


  2. What a great collection of books. We read some of those when my kids were younger. Now that we are traveling full time, we read on Kindles — no way we are carrying actual books ;). I’d like to check out the Lonely Planet “City Trails” series.


  3. Great ideas here. So many I hadn’t heard of either. We are heading to Peru in May so I will look up the Molly Goes…series to see if the Peru book is available. Thanks for the ideas.


  4. I had no idea so many travel-related books existed for children! My husband and I love gifting our niece books, and we always get her one everywhere we travel. I’ll definitely look into some of these for her next gift!


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