Hello Kitty Themed Hotel Room at the Keio Plaza, Tokyo

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Are you wondering where to stay in Tokyo with kids? If you are a Hello Kitty fan or have kids who love Hello Kitty, then you have to check out this awesome Hello Kitty themed hotel room in Tokyo!

While searching for accommodations for our Tokyo trip, I stumbled upon the Keio Plaza Hotel in the heart of Shinjuku.  The rooms were much larger than other Japanese hotels, which appealed to us.  After looking around on their website, I realized that they have a few themed Hello Kitty rooms and I knew I had to make it happen for Milana!  We didn’t tell her and just handed her a key to our room. She loves finding the numbers on the door and using the key, so she was excited to find this one. Little did she know, this was a very special room! The first give away that this was a different room was the pink bow on the door.  See her reaction for yourself in this video:

The Hello Kitty hotel room is fairly large by Japanese standards and had 2 beds plus a sitting area. The entire wall was covered in Hello Kitty themed wallpaper, art and pictures.


There were Hello Kitty details on everything in the room, from the tea kettle to all the accessories in the bathroom (scale, hair dryer, etc.).  There was a list of items you can take home, which included the Hello Kitty dolls that were on the bed, slippers, and a few other random items.  The details in this room were amazing and Milana really loved staying here.  Our view was of the city, which was great!KeioPlaza2KeioPlaza3KeioPlaza4KeioPlaza5KeioPlaza6

The next morning, we ordered the Hello Kitty breakfast to be delivered to our room.  Everything was super cute and themed and Milana loved it!


If you are looking for a cute, themed room while in Tokyo, I highly recommend the Hello Kitty room at Keio Plaza.  We stayed in Shinjuku but there are other locations as well.  One of those being a 5 minute walk to Sanrio Puroland, so research your areas before you book.  Since there are only 8 of these rooms, I highly recommend booking early if you know you want to stay there in case they sell out!  There are two themes to choose from. We chose Kitty Town but Princess Kitty is also available.  This was definitely the hilight of the trip for Milana, she talks about the Hello Kitty room every day and wants to go back to see it.


  • wellcaffeinatedtraveller

    Oh my god, this might be the cutest hotel room I’ve ever seen! I love that you videoed your daughters reaction – it was priceless! I can’t believe how well the hotel did every single detail right – even the breakfast in the morning! This is perfect!

  • Marcie

    AHHHHH! I want to stay here! I loved Sanrio stuff when I was younger and Hello Kitty is such an icon! I love Milana’s reaction when she realized she was staying there! And that breakfast is super adorable!

  • Adventure Travel Family

    This is just the most precious post! This is the kind of thing they will remember for ever. It always blows me away how the Japanese go into such fine details, the Hello Kitty face on the food and the pink bow in the dessert- gorgeous! We have three little girls and they would just freak with excitement at this! Can I ask how much it was for a night in the room?

    • Milana's Travels

      It wasn’t cheap unfortunately! These room are $400 and up but they have them on hotels.com too, and you can always find coupon codes there!

  • rovingjo

    OMG I am dying with the cuteness. This would be perfect for my 2 girls. And how awesome that even the breakfast can be themed. Such a great find and a must to put on y list. Need to save up for the room as I am sure it is not cheap.

  • Bee

    OMG AHHHHHH! I love Hello kitty, I try and visit themed places and exhibits of her at any chance I got. This place looks amazing and wish I had known about it when I went there. did you manage to go to Puroland. I love this and will refer to it should I return to Tokyo!!! Thank you.

  • Followingtherivera

    Oh my goodness, now I’ve seen it all! Hello Kitty toast and omelette, I’d go there for this reason! Definitely one to take my niece too, she’s Hello Kitty crazy 😀

  • Anna Schlaht

    Hello Kitty themed everything! Oh my gosh. Totally every child’s dream. 🙂 To be honest, I’d also stay here, and I don’t have kids. And it would be glorious. I love the HK bathroom details AND the breakfast they send in the morning. Also, Hello Kitty omelet? Wow! Too cute to eat. Thanks for putting this on my radar! We’re planning to visit Tokyo soon; I wonder if I can talk my husband into booking a room for us here? XD

  • Parnashree Devi

    I am smiling while writing this comment. This is such a cute theme of a hotel. I am really impressed by the art and decor of the Tokyo-Keio Plaza Hotel. Such adorable theme for kids. I am blown away by the breakfast as well. To give the cutest theme into their breakfast is probably the most commendable thing. I love Kitty.

  • Lisa

    How did you find availability? I am trying to book for next April and I’m coming up with nothing. This would be so fun for my kids! (I’ve tried different dates, anywhere between 1-4 people per room etc etc.) Thanks for your help!

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