The Best Travel Journals For Kids

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Are you searching for the best journal for your children? Travel journals are a fantastic means for kids to record their global adventures. Milana writes in hers on every trip and enjoys revisiting the pictures, mementos, and memories. Although you can use a regular notebook and have your children draw and write in it, I’ve discovered that an authentic travel journal created specifically for kids generates more enthusiasm. When provided with a prompt, children are more inclined to write.

Travel journals encourage your kids to sit and think about their day. What food did I eat today? What did we see? What was the weather like? It’s a great way to remember their trip in their own special way. And I always love reading what she thinks was the best part of a city, like sleeping in the Hello Kitty hotel room in Tokyo which while it was great, it wouldn’t have been my top choice!

There are so many travel journals for kids out there, the decision of which to buy can be overwhelming. We have tried many different journals and narrowed it down to these 6. One of these was even created by us! My 11 year old gave me input as to what a travel journal should contain and we designed our own! Here are the best travel journals for kids.

1. Travel Journal for Kids

After buying multiple journals and realizing that we like them all for different reasons/wishing we can combine certain parts to make one, we have decided to create our own! Milana wanted a simple journal she can use on multiple trips. For each destination, you fill out the same 3 pages with the same prompts. There’s a page for souvenirs/ticket stubs/etc. No games, no pictures, just a simple travel journal that takes minutes to fill out. And see the cover design? That’s all Milana! She even fit our Pug, Frankie, into the cover art. Can you spot her? This is the best travel journal for kids who want something simple to fill out each day.

2. Kids’ Travel Journal

This was one of the first journals we purchased. It’s engaging with games and prompts and the smaller size will easily fit into your child’s backpack. The biggest drawback for us? It’s really made for one or two trips and that just wasn’t cutting it. If you’re going on a big trip (say African safari) and want your child to document it, this is perfect. But if you’re a frequent flyer, this most likely will not work for you. We would rate this as the best travel journal for kids who are going on a once in a lifetime trip.

3. Kids Vacation Journal

One of the best travel journals for teens and tweens is this kids vacation journal. Every page is the same, with simple questions about the trip as well as an area for some free writing and photos/tickets/mementos/etc. This will fit quite a few trips, so if you’re going on a multi city trip or travel several times a year, this is perfect.

4. Kids Travel Journal: My Travel Diary for World Travel

This is my pick for the best travel journal for younger kids. It’s perfect for the little ones just learning to write and a great introduction to journaling. The lines are wide and dotted, perfect for those learning how to write. The prompts are cute and to the point, perfect for that first journal experience.

5. Family Passport Kids Travel Journal: An Adventure to Remember

This is one of my favorite travel journals for the older kids (6 and up). It’s super detailed, great prompts and some fun games at the end. It has room for multiple trips/destinations, making it a great choice whether you are taking a gap year around the world or travel to multiple cities/destinations in a year. The pages repeat as you see in the photos, so you basically fill out the same prompts for each destination, making it a nice, consistent journal.

6. Adventure Awaits Travel Journal for Kids

This was one of our favorites, it’s simple and to the point. Your child will fill out the destination, weather, best and worst part of the trip as well as things they learned at the destination. This is perfect if you homeschool, a great way to learn about geography and helps them remember the details of the trip. There’s blank pages for drawings or tickets, souvenirs, etc. The pages repeat, as you see in the photo below, and your child will fill out 4 per city. There is room for 30 cities/trips, making this an awesome, long-term journal.

What are your thoughts kids’ travel journals?

Do you encourage your kids to write about their trip and keep a travel journal? If not, you should make it a part of traveling with kids. We love travel journals for kids and think it helps them remember details from their travels.

best travel journal for kids


  • Sara

    What a fun and creative way to remember fun family times! I will definitely keep these ideas in mind for when my children. Get a bit older. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amanda

    What a sweet idea! I kept notebooks as a kid when we would drive across the country. It was so fun to look back in future years and relive those small moments we all forgot about. It’s a great way to keep from resorting to technology on trips too!

  • Sierra

    I love the idea of a travel journal for kids! Traveling is one of our favorites with them and this would be so fun to look back on.

  • Samantha

    I have never even heard of these, but I love it! We have a few vacations planned, and even though my kids can’t write yet I want to get one and just ask them some of the questions.

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