The Best Food and Snacks at Buc-ee’s

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Have you ever heard of Buc-ee’s? Chances are if you’re on social media, you’ve seen videos of this very popular road trip stop. It’s a gas station with one of the best convenience stores and road trip food you will ever find. If you’re going on a road trip with kids and pass Buc-ee’s, this is a must stop destination!

While most of their locations are in Texas, they have recently started branching out and we now have 3 in Florida with the largest Buc-ee’s coming soon to Central Florida! You can find some of the best road trip snacks at Buc-ee’s. We have a great list of snacks you must try at Buc-ee’s!

When you walk in, you’ll notice its massive size with several different food and snack stations. If you’re like us, you’re wondering what to eat at Buc-ee’s and you’ll want to try it all so let us save you the hassle. Here are the best food and snacks to eat at Buc-ee’s.

the best things to eat at bucees

The Best Things to Eat at Buc-ee’s

1) Beaver Nuggets

These are by far the most popular and iconic snack at Buc-ee’s. This sweet puffed corn nugget is similar in texture to a Cheeto, but sweet instead of savory. Don’t have a Buc-ee’s near you? You can grab a bag of beaver nuggets on Amazon. I’ll admit, while we weren’t fans of this, everyone we talked to said this is a must try and it’s listed as one of the best snacks at Buc-ee’s so we had to try it!

the best things to eat at bucees beaver nuggets

2. Brisket tacos

One of the best foods at Buc-ee’s are their brisket tacos. For breakfast, you can get them with eggs but we like them with just the meat. Once we tried them, we went back and got several more! These are amazing and definitely not what we expected from a rest stop. Don’t miss these, I would rate these the best thing to eat at Buc-ee’s.

bucees brisket tacos

3) Icee

Now you might think, what’s so special about Icees when you can get them at many other places? Buc-ee’s has one of the most comprehensive Icee selections we’ve seen and unlike other stores, theirs contain sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. For this reason, it tops our must try foods at Buc-ee’s. If your kids like these slushy drinks, this is a great place to try a new flavor! This is one of the best foods at Buc-ee’s.

best snack at Buc-ee's
Look at all those flavor options!

4) Banana Pudding

Our family is obsessed with banana pudding so when we saw it in the refrigerated section at Buc-ee’s, we knew we had to try it! It’s amazing and something we get every time we visit. It’s one of the best Buc-ee’s snacks!

best snack at Buc-ee's
Amazing banana pudding!

5) Fudge

If fudge is your thing, then you are in for a treat! One of the best snacks at Buc-ee’s is their fudge. They have so many flavors to choose from, from the traditional chocolate and peanut butter to the more unique banana pudding. Don’t skip the fudge section if you like sweets!

best snack at Buc-ee's
Amazing fudge selection!

6) Brisket Sandwich

Right up there with the brisket taco is Buc-ee’s famous brisket sandwich. They are massive and filling and really good. It’s one of the best foods at Buc-ee’s and a must try if you are visiting for the first time.

best food at Buc-ee's
We never expected such good food from a rest stop!

7) Jerky

If you like jerky, then you will be amazed at Buc-ee’s jerky selection. There are so many different flavors to choose from! Rumor has it that their garlic flavor is the most popular however we think you should hit the jerky counter and decide for yourself. The jerky is one of the best things to eat at Buc-ee’s.

Buc-ee's jerky counter
Look at all that jerky!
best food at Buc-ee's

8) Fresh Baked Kolache

Buc-ee’s bakery section is amazing with a ton of amazing sweets. But if you only pick one thing to try, make it a kolache. It’s a sweet pastry with a filling, usually made out of fruit and sometimes nuts. We loved the strawberry cream cheese one and think it’s one of the best desserts at Buc-ee’s.

best snack at Buc-ee's
It was hard to choose just one dessert!

9) Sausage with Tortilla on a Stick

Now I know this sounds odd, we thought so too. Honestly, the only reason we grabbed this was as a reward for our Pug, who endured a cross country road trip with us and was a very good girl on the drive from CA to FL. But before giving her some, we all tried it and were surprised at how good the sausage was! If you have a sausage fan in your family, this is a must try food at Buc-ee’s.

best snack at Buc-ee's
Don’t knock it til you try it!

10) Glazed Nuts

If you want a sweet snack at Buc-ee’s, head to one of the hot nut stations. You can choose your fresh, hot glazed nuts from things like pecans, almonds and cashews. We got some cashews and they were awesome! This is one of the best snacks at Buc-ee’s.

best snack at Buc-ee's
best snack at Buc-ee's

As you can see, you’re in for a treat if you stop at Buc-ee’s! Some of the best road trip food and snacks can be found at Buc-ee’s. They also have some of the cleanest and massive restrooms we’ve encountered on our trip, so it’s a great place to stop. Have you visited Buc-ee’s? Tell us your favorite food or treat in the comments!

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