The Best Educational Board Games for Kids

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As homeschoolers, we incorporate lots of board games into our daily learning. Learning doesn’t need to be just flashcards or worksheets! There are so many games that will teach your kids things like math and counting currency or history and geography. Kids are more likely to retain information when they are having fun while learning. If you’re looking for the best educational games for kids, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of educational games for kids of all ages.

Educational Games for Preschoolers

I’m sure you’re tired of playing Candyland over and over again! I’m happy to tell you that there are lots of amazing games for the preschool crowd, many of them cooperative so no tears over losing. These were some of our favorites when our daughter was in the 3-6 year age range and a great way to start the love of games.

Logic Games

Logic games are great to play as a family. It will teach your kids how to strategize, an essential skill to have!

Geography Games

World culture and geography games are some of our favorites! I have an entire post on the best geography games, so make sure you check it out for a complete list of our favorites!

Math Games

Let’s face it, learning math using pen and paper is quite dull. Want to teach your child how to count currency? It’s much more fun with a game where they can actually count the money vs. looking at it on paper. There are games that teach fractions, addition, etc. We love using games to teach math and I know you will too!

History Games

History games are a great way to learn about world history and specific events that your child may have read about in a book.

Science Games

Science is one of the favorite subjects in our house and we do quite a bit of science experiments. Games are a great way to teach things like body systems, ecology and everything in between!

Language Arts

You’re in luck here because there are tons of games that teach phonics, spelling and pretty much everything to do with language arts!

Other Fun Games

In this section are games we love playing as a family. They’re fun, many incorporate strategy and learning but are not subject specific. I think everyone needs a nice big pile of these in their game closet for family game nights!

Electronic Games

Do your kids have an iPad? I highly recommend Osmo! The starter set comes with games that teach math, spelling, problem solving, and lots of other things. We have also purchased their pizza game, which is great for teaching math since your kids will be making change and counting money. And the detective game will teach your child about the world landmarks, it’s my daughter’s personal favorite! Electronics don’t have to be mindless video watching, there are so many great game resources online!

Do you have favorite games that you play with your kids? Tell us below!

Best educational board games for kids


  • Amy Gougler

    These are so fun! We have the Sneaky Squirrel game and my daughter loves it. Going to look through the preschool games and see which one we’ll get!

    • Kimberlie

      What an excellent list of educational board games. Our favorites eight now are Scrabble jr. and chess. Both keep my toddler engaged and happy.

  • Faith | ForMommiesByMommy

    Wow. What a fun list! I like how you categorized these games. My kids definitely love games that teach them about science. Gotta check them out!

  • Candice

    This is such a great, comprehensive list! I suggested to my husband that we start a family board game night but we had no idea which ones to buy

  • Clarice

    Thank you for sharing this. We’re really planning to get some just in case we’ll have a total lockdown. At least the kids would have something to do. I guess it’s time to teach the kids to play scrabble.

  • Marysa

    I have been thinking about picking out some games. We are going to be home for a long time and it is good to have some fun ways to have educational activities.

  • Karen

    What a comprehensive list of board games! Thanks so much for compiling this. We have several of these, but my daughter could really use some improvement in geography- I will look into those.

  • Aliya

    This post is so helpful. My daughter is really loving board games lately so I’ll definitely be checking out some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  • KIristen

    Bike Route Sacramento is a fantastic board game as well for the kiddos. Players build bike routes connecting iconic landmarks around Sacramento. It also has optional rule for more complexity.

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