Best apps for kids no wifi

The Best Apps for Kids That Don’t Require WiFi

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If you travel with kids, you know the horror of boarding the plane only to find out that half of the apps you downloaded prior to the trip don’t work because there is no wifi. We have put together a list of the best apps for toddlers and kids that don’t require wifi or an internet connection in order to work. These are apps that our daughter has personally used and loves, and not just random recommendations.

Grab your child’s tablet and headphones and get ready to download some of the best kid travel apps that don’t require internet or wifi! Here are the best apps and games for kids that don’t require wifi or an internet connection.

20 Best Kid Apps That Don’t Require WiFI

  • Dr. Panda Games These have been a favorite in this house for years and at 8, Milana still plays these games! I highly recommend purchasing one of the bundles, it is worth every penny. They even have an airport game, which is great for traveling kids. There are so many different themes to choose from, your kids are bound to find one they love.
  • Duck Duck Moose Trucks This app is great for the toddler crowd. It’s a simple app but lots of fun for little ones. When you tap the different trucks, you can make them splash in the mud and then go through the car wash. The trucks can pick up garbage, dump dirt, and so much more! A must if you’re traveling with toddlers.
  • Sago Mini These are fun, open ended apps that preschoolers and even older kids will love! They recently added an Airport one which is lots of fun.
  • Doodle Jump This is an addictive game that’s fun for everyone in your family, not just kids! You will be an alien that goes through levels and tries to earn points. This game is better for the older kids as it requires good hand-eye coordination.
  • Toca Life: Hospital Toca makes some of the best apps for kids! Their hospital game doesn’t require wifi and can be played anywhere. In this game, your kids can treat sick patients, welcome newborn babies into the world, etc.
  • Fiete Math This is a fun, educational math game that you can set to your child’s level. There are a lot of challenges, so your kids are bound to stay busy!
  • Kid-Friendly Podcasts We love Podcasts in this house and have come up with a list of favorites that are sure to be a hit with your kids! Be sure to download them onto your device or they will not work on the plane.
  • Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens This is another app that we think is worth purchasing. Your kids will solve fun puzzles and advance to harder levels as they get better at solving them.
  • Fruit Ninja This is a fun, mindless game where you slice fruit with a sword! Just make sure you don’t accidentally slice a bomb!
  • Hoopa City & Hoopa City 2 From the makers of Dr. Panda, we knew this was going to be a hit! Milana wanted a game where she can create an entire city and this is the best! Your kids will get to build their dream city in this awesome game.
  • Toca Life: Vacation Another fun Toca Life game, this time taking your kids on a vacation. You start by going through the airport, where you go through security and can even sit in the pilot’s seat.
  • The Robot Factory This is one of Milana’s favorites! Kids can design and test robots in this fun game. Will your robot survive the obstacle course?
  • Labo Brick Car In this game, kids will get to build their own car using shapes and different designs. After they are done building, they can take their cars out for a test drive on different courses.
  • Sago Mini Road Trip This is a fun game for preschoolers and older kids. Where will you drive today? Kids get to choose the destinations, will you go to the Egyptian pyramids or beach today?
  • Sago Mini Doodlecast This is a fun drawing app for kids of all ages. Great alternative to paper and crayons!
  • Toca Pet Doctor Kids can feed and cure animals in this fun game. There are 15 animals to choose from, including not so common ones like a snail and mouse.
  • Labo Paper Plate This is another app we opted to pay for to give Milana more options. It’s a really fun craft game, where your kids create things from a paper plate.
  • Duck Duck Moose PuzzlePop This is a fun puzzle game, where kids rearrange the images in order to make a picture.
  • Amazon Music Because sometimes, you just want to veg out and listen to some of your favorite music! With a 30 day free trial, you can try before deciding if Amazon Music is right for you. Check out this post to learn how you can listen to your music offline.
  • Tinybop: The Human Body This is a really great educational game, more for the older kids. Your kids will learn about the functions of the body in this interactive game.

Do you have other kid-friendly app suggestions that don’t require wifi? Tell us in the comments! Want to read this later? Pin one of the images below.

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