Snowland at the Great Wolf Lodge SoCal

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It’s no secret that we love the Great Wolf Lodge! We have been a few times now and love their water park and all the activities the lodge has to offer.  We recently got to experience their Snowland event, which runs from November 25th into the New Year.  During Snowland, the entire resort is decorated for Christmas and lots of seasonal activities (including a visit from Santa!) are included in this event.


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Instead of the traditional wolf ears, you get white ones to go with the Snowland theme.


You can even book a festive Snowland suite, which has a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations inside your room. There are a limited number of these in each location, so make sure to book ahead if you want one of these suites! Milana loved having a tree in her room.  I saw many people bringing presents with them, so it can be a great new tradition for your family! There is a book in each Snowland suite that you can read to your kids, and you can even buy one in their store if you want to take it home.


But perhaps the most exciting part of the Snowland suite is the cookie delivery by one of the Great Wolf characters!  The girls didn’t know what to make of it (it was 9pm due to a miscommunication) but sure enjoyed the cookies!

When you check in, you are given a schedule of activities. As you can see, aside from the water park,  there is something fun going on all day!


All activities take place in the lobby area, overlooking the water park.  The morning crafts were a hit!  The kids got to make a snowflake craft and coloring pages were put out as well for those who would rather color.

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Critter Cartoons was really fun as well. This is geared toward older kids who can follow directions.  The kids get to draw a reindeer or Wiley the wolf step by step by following the directions of an employee. This was a huge hit with the two budding artists!

The girls were really excited for cookie decorating but we didn’t realize that the kids don’t actually decorate the cookies.  They line up and show the employees what they want on their cookies.  They loved their cookies but would have been much more fun if they got to decorate it themselves!

The girls were excited for hot cocoa as well.  Just be aware that the cocoa is boiling hot, to the point where you can’t hold that paper cup for very long!  Something to keep in mind if you have young kids who will be handed a cup of this boiling liquid.


Lots of characters roam the area too, so if your kids love the characters, they will be able to meet some during their stay.


Santa visits during a designated time, so be sure to check the schedule for the day you are visiting!


Your kids can even write a letter to Santa on the provided postcard.  We were told that if you fill out your address, your kids will get a response in the mail along with a coupon for a free cookie.  There’s a mailbox inside the lodge where you can put your Santa letters.

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In the middle of the lobby area, you will see a giant gingerbread house.  You can dine inside this house if you make reservations ahead of time. They book up quickly, so do it as soon as you know you are going! Reservations can be made via Yelp or by calling their front desk.


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Several times during the day, “snow” falls in the lobby.  This was a huge hit with the kids! One of these times is after the nightly story time, so keep that in mind!



Of course, the biggest draw of the Great Wolf Lodge is the water park.  I won’t go into detail in this post, but if you want to see what the water park offers and some of the other non-Snowland activities at the resort, see my other post here.



Great Wolf Lodge’s Snowland event is a great new tradition to start with your family! Book your Snowland suite today and start a new family tradition.


  • Lisa

    Dining in a gingerbread house sounds incredible and I’m sure a lot of fun for the kids. This is a great place to celebrate Christmas, and it’s nice to know the kids can meet Santa there too. I wish I had a Snowland near me!

  • Heidi Medina

    Wow, that is one big Christmas tree. Putting your girls in front of it really brings it into perspective. It all looks like a kid’s dream for the holidays with all the falling snow, Christmas trees in the rooms, characters roaming around and gingerbread houses. How is the experience for the big kids, like us?

  • Shivani

    This looks like a place not only for kids but for all 🙂 If I plan to stay there I would also like to have a tree in my room! That gingerbread house looks my kind of place to dine in 😀 You had a wonderful adventure, hope to experience myself whenever I set my feet in the States!!

  • James

    What a gorgeous hotel for kids! That’s one of the nicest rooms I’ve seen in a hotel for kids. Looks like they put a lot of attention into the little details, which makes this place so amazing.

  • Abigail Sinsona

    I can tell why you would be all rave about Great Wolf Lodge! It looks like the perfect place to go to for a staycation when you want to be in on the festive spirit of the holidays. A great place it seems for the entire family too!

  • Abhinav Singh

    That’s a very unusual looking Christmas Tree. I am more used to see red color in Christmas trees. And so exciting to have it in the room. The snowland event is quite a long one, more than a month long. I am sure the kids will love it, especially the cookie delivery part.

  • Yukti

    Christmas, snowland and all festivities look so vibrant and fill the air with positive vibes. I loved the art and craft workshops related to XMas. Cookie decorating must be fun even for adults too. Yours girls seem to have enjoyed a lot and I must say, they would really remeber it for lifetime.

  • Samah

    There is a Great Wolf Lodge, here in Canada, an hour from where I live as well, but I have no idea if they turn into Snowland in the winter. Eating in a gingerbread house sounds very cute and it’s clear your girls had a lot of fun! What a great way to spend the holidays

  • Soraya Nicholls

    Ohhhh man! This is like a winter wonderland! I think it’s such a fantastic experience for the kids. And how I would love to see the snow fall in the lobby. And how fun to be able to write Santa a postcard. What a wonderful way to celebrate this festive season. I totally would love to bring my nephew here one day!

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