Kids TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Activity Cover Review

I recently had the chance to review the TRAYblecloth Airplane Tray Activity Cover.  This is a must when traveling with small kids!  The cover slips on easily over the tray, covering it completely.  Keep in mind, this is intended for regular trays and will not work on the ones that pull out of the armrest like in bulkhead/first class.  Milana chose the owl one, which was super cute and really well made.  When it arrived, a set of dry erase markers were included.  Since we already had the Crayola  washable ones, we just brought those instead.


Each cover comes with a see through window pocket, where you can slip activity pages underneath then use dry erase markers on top and simply wipe off. The company has activity sheets available to download on their site, or you can simply make your own (tic tac toe, etc).  You can also get creative and draw a little roadway on a piece of paper, then slip it underneath the plastic and your child can play with cars using this.  Milana didn’t want to color on the plastic, and just placed her paper on top.  There are small pockets on the front of this cover, where kids can put their crayons/markers/snacks/etc. so they won’t fall to the floor.


Another thing we used the clear plastic for is those window clings kids seem to be obsessed with.  You can find these in the dollar bin at Target, they seem to change with the seasons.  I never brought these on a plane because personally I’m not a fan of putting this sticky stuff onto the airline’s property (windows, trays, etc.) so this is the solution to that! They stick perfectly to the tray cover and if there is any sticky residue, it’s your property and not the airline’s.


When your tray table has to be in the upright, locked position for takeoff/landing, you can leave the cover on and its contents in the pockets.  The design allows for the tray table to be locked and for the contents to stay securely in the pockets.  There is also a pocket on the back side, where you can slip books/coloring books/etc. that will stay securely stowed until you remove them.


Have you tried one of these covers yet?  There are many different designs to choose from, so there’s bound to be one your child loves.  And for a limited time, the company is offering 20% off (up to 2 per order) for the first 25 customers if you shop through Love to Travel Products and use coupon code Tiny Globetrotters.  The coupon expires July 31st, so get yours today!

Disclaimer – I was given the tray cover by Love to Travel Products in exchange for my review. Opinions are completely mine. 


  • therainbowroute

    This is such a great idea for travelling with kids! They can keep themselves busy and entertained without making a huge mess. I might need one for myself even:)

  • Suzanne

    This tray tablecloth is pretty nifty for kids. I like that it also prevents them from coloring the tray inadvertently. I also like how it organizes everything when not in use. Looks like a good travel buy for pint-sized travelers.

  • Peter Korchnak

    I don’t have kids, so my feelings about this are probably stronger than usual. Every parent should get one of these products to keep their kiddos busy on the plane. Or every airline to hand out to parents for the flight duration. The world would be such a better place for it.

  • Juliette | Snorkels to Snow

    This looks like such a great idea for travelling with kids! My nieces would love something like this. It’s so important to give kids stuff to keep them occupied – travel can be really tiring for little ones (and the ones looking after them!) so anything to help out gets my vote. Great concept. I love that you can keep things neatly organised in it.

  • Joanna

    This is a great idea to keep the children busy while flying, in a nicely decorated little corner just for them. The organising pocket is very useful for when not in use. It is a great concept and me, as a non parent, I appreciate it if more parents would buy this kind of products and don’t let their children have tantrums while flying.

  • Parnashree Devi

    This is absolutely a smart idea to keep the kids busy while flying. Its colorful and well-organised cover. I think that the parents should have it for their kids while flying as it will keep them away from creating the ruckus on the flight. I had some horrible experience sitting next to noisy kids.

    • Milana's Travels

      I’ve had worse experiences sitting next to adults! I agree, great product, but this isn’t going to stop kids who scream from screaming. We’re lucky to have a child who has been on 100+ flights and people are always commenting that they didn’t know a kid was sitting near them because she’s well behaved. It has little to do with the items I bring, and much to do with her personality! Remember, those adults who throw a fit because their drink isn’t made right were once little kids who screamed the entire flight. Personality sticks around!

  • AdventureFaktory ? (@AFtravels)

    What a practical and cool kids product to bring on a plane. I think it is really important to keep the little ones busy on the flight and this product does that perfectly. A quality idea that all parents should be using for flights!!

  • themormonadventurista

    What a fun idea! I don’t have kids myself, but this would definitely come in handy if I did! Wouldn’t it also be great if they made them for adults too…?

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    This looks like a great product to keep kids busy on flights! I don’t have kids of my own and I often empathise with parents when their kids cry or make noise in the air. I wonder if these could be made a standard accessory for every kid seat 🙂

  • Tamsin

    This looks like a brilliant product to keep kids entertained and busy during flights, a must for travelling parents!

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