Halloween at Disneyland

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Living less than 20 minutes from Disneyland means we spend lots of time at Disneyland.  I got my pass when Milana was just 6 months old and she got hers when she turned 3, and we have been coming several times a month since! No matter when you come, you’ll find magical things to do and see. But perhaps the best time to come to the land is during the holiday season.  Halloween is one of our favorite times at Disneyland.  Halloween time runs from September 6th-October 31st this year and is definitely worth a visit!

For info on the new Oogie Boogie Bash, check out our post with lots of tips and tricks to enjoy the event!

The park is beautifully decorated and there are seasonal activities and foods all over both parks. This post will focus on mainly the attractions/foods/activities available during the Halloween season.  California Adventure’s Cars Land will also be decked out for Halloween, which means you can see awesome decor and eat some yummy treats in both parks. Some of these photos are from previous years, but they apply to this year too so I am not replacing them just adding new ones. Most of the treats are the same, I will update as we discover new ones!  And if you want to save some money at Disney, I highly recommend getting the Disney Rewards Visa. Not only will you get a $200 statement credit after spending $500 in the first 3 months (hello free tickets!), but you can use it for special character appearances throughout the parks.

Be sure to pack these essentials for your trip to make your day at Disney much easier!





Disneyland Halloween Food and Treats

This is one of our favorite reasons to visit, the food and snacks offered during this time are really good, not to mention very photogenic! Here’s a list of items we recently tried and where you can find them.

French Market Restaurant had the Sally coffin cake in 2016, as well as the mini pumpkin cheesecake.  Being slightly over the pumpkin craze at this point, I opted for a banana cheesecake instead, that looks pretty much identical to the pumpkin one.  Milana loved the coffin cake and said it was one of her favorite treats at Disneyland. In 2017, the oogie boogie cupcake replaced the coffin cake.  When you cut into it, there is green cake inside and it’s decorated with gummy worms.



In 2018, they had this cake with a cream like filling. I have to say, it’s not good at all! The coffin cake was so good and so cute, I wish they would bring it back!

PicMonkey Collage-5.jpg

You can find the Mickey bat cookie at several places throughout both parks, but we got ours at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, which has lots of other Halloween treats as well. We also got the mini pumpkin cheesecake here as well.



Candy corn cotton candy can be found in carts all over the park, chances are you will see them everywhere.


The poison apple mug is also found throughout the resort. Now here’s the thing about these-because they are filled with different things, they are different prices all over the park.  We opted for the one that came with pineapple (at the fruit stand in front of Big Thunder Mountain), but others were filled with frozen lemonade and many other things depending on where you were.


Of course, a Disneyland staple is their cake pops. Always decorated to go with the season, they are super yummy and one of our favorite treats. You can find these at several places. One is the Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen on Main Street, but we got ours at Hunny Spot in Critter Country (you’ll see it when you exit the pooh ride).

There were lots of candy apples to choose from as well:


And many other cake pops, but at this point we were all sugared out!



So not everything is as good as it seems.  At the very popular Maurice’s Treats at Fantasy Faire, they had pumpkin twists.  Everyone was buying them so we just had to try one, and it was very disappointing! Definitely won’t be buying this again. Thankfully, Disneyland will refund you if you don’t like the item so no money was lost in trying this product.


Every Halloween, you can buy popcorn in Halloween themed buckets. In 2016, vampire Mickey made an appearance.  Last year, we got the Zero dog one (which is still being sold this year, but only at the popcorn stand in front of the Haunted Mansion).  Milana chose the Halloween bucket over the Mickey this year. New for 2017 are the Mickey pumpkin popcorn bucket and the oogie boogie one (sold by Haunted Mansion) and across from Disney Jr. in California Adventure.  When we got to CA, they were unboxing the oogie boogie ones so we got one. They were sold out soon after!


Popcorn bucket



A lesser known treat is the spider parfait at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. I’m not quite sure what’s in there (I think cake and chocolate), but it was orange (Milana’s current favorite color) so she had to try it.


Of course, you can’t live on just sweets! Well you can try, but I don’t recommend it.  So off we went to the Hungry Bear restaurant in Critter Country to try their seasonal food item.  In 2016, they had the pulled pork hot dog.  This was probably my favorite food to date at Disneyland, and we have tried a ton!  In 2017, they replaced the hot dog with the bison blue cheese burger which sounds better than it is. It’s actually pretty bad, I wouldn’t recommend it!



Before Star Wars Land began construction, the area behind Big Thunder Ranch bbq was used for seasonal activities.  On Halloween, you could have met all the characters in their costumes, who were just wandering around and interacting with people. There were carnival games for kids (free!) and coloring.  I’m so sad that that area is closed, and that they haven’t found another spot to recreate this awesome experience. Milana met quite a few characters when she was a tiny baby in that area, those are some of our favorite Disney memories. You can see the tables, where coloring pages and crayons were in the background, as well as some of the games. And, this area was fully shaded, which was a nice reprieve from the hot afternoon sun. charactercollagecharactercollage2

Now you have to wait in awfully long lines on Main Street (or Toon Town) if you want to meet characters, and you get a few seconds before they move on to the next guest.


But there are two characters you won’t find on Main street, and they are Jack Skellington and Sally.  To see them, head to New Orleans Square and line up near the exit of the Pirates ride.  This line can get very, very long very quickly so if you want to meet them, I suggest you head there first.  They’re a very popular pair!


On the topic of Jack and Sally, what’s a visit to Disneyland at Halloween time without a visit to the Haunted Mansion?  It’s all decked out for the holidays, and one of our favorite rides.  Milana brought her poison apple stein, to see if it glows in the dark and it did!


If you go to Frontierland, check out Zocalo Park near the Rancho Zocalo restaurant.  It’s all decked out for Halloween, and they have free face (or arm!) painting for the kids.  There are only 4  to choose from, but hey it’s free and it’s not often Disney does something free!  This was here last year and again this year (2017) and never crowded because everyone is too busy rushing around the park!




The Mad Hatter on Main Street sells Halloween themed ears and hats. Milana chose the ears this year.


I should probably mention the most popular event of the Halloween season, and that’s Mickey’s Halloween Party.  On select nights in September and October, Disneyland closes early for the Halloween party.  This year, the party moves over to California Adventure and will be called the Oogie Boogie Bash, we are going in September!  You need a separate tickets to access the party in addition to your daily ticket.  We did this 3 times so far.  The amount of candy they hand out is ridiculous! We had close to 20 lbs. between our family last year, which was way more than any family needs so we ended up donating it to a dentist’s office, who gave kids a prize for giving up their candy. Be aware that they have pirate’s booty and freeze dried apples (the same ones they sell at the parks) hidden, but the default is candy so you have to ask if you want an alternative to all that sugar. This year, we hope to utilize that time to go on rides vs. doing all that trick or treating, since we don’t need or want all that candy!  Somehow I don’t have many pictures from the party, but here is us last year:


And the aftermath (well part of it!):


Here’s a video of Milana trick or treating.  And one of the Halloween Parade, that is only during the party. Keep in mind, that most people come to this to trick or treat, so the lines for rides are very short.  It might be a good time to come (at a discounted rate) and ride all the rides without waiting for hours!

And of course, what’s a holiday at Disneyland without merchandise? There is lots of Halloween stuff to choose from. Lots of the same items from last year, and some new.



halloweenproducts1halloweenproducts2CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, California Adventure is taking part in the festivities now as well and this year even more so as the Halloween party moves there!  In Hollywood Land, Schmoozies has a mummy macaron ice cream sandwich.  This was one of our favorite treats this year!  It’s filled with rainbow sherbet, which is perfect for hot days.  They also sold monstermallow donuts here that looked like Mike from Monsters Inc. but we didn’t try it.


On Buena Vista street is Clarabelle’s ice cream shop and that’s where you can get the bat wing sundae.  This was also really good!


Award Wieners has a Halloween menu this year.  Keep in mind, that the Oktoberfest dog is super spicy! Lots didn’t know as it’s not listed anywhere and I saw a few returning them after taking a bite.


When you enter Cars Land, you will be greeted with some awesome decor!




PicMonkey Collage-4

PicMonkey Collage-4PicMonkey Collage322

And of course, lots of yummy treats this year as well!


PicMonkey Collage-4

Cars Land has lots of treats to choose from!  At Flo’s V8 Cafe, you can find the candy corn pie.


Just across the road at the Cozy Cone motel are some more treats.  We only tried the spoke-y cone macaron, but they also had a mac and cheese cone that came in a black cauldron cone and the popcorn cone had the Junkyard JamBOOree Mix that had “loose parts” consisting of various candies mixed in with the popcorn.

cozy cone

The Paradise Gardens area near Paradise Pier is transformed to whatever holiday/season it is. Right now, it’s the Plaza de la Familia, inspired by Mexico. Here, you can get your face painted for free.  Unlike Disneyland which only has 3 options, you have a lot more choices.


Right next to the face painting is an area where you write your family memories and hang them up with all the others. Since Milana doesn’t write yet, she drew a picture instead.


And there is Halloween themed food here as well.  We were full from everything else by the time we ended up here, but I did try the pineapple agua fresca which was great! Here are some other seasonal offerings.


Do you have a favorite treat or activity at Disneyland during Halloween time? Comment below!


  • Sydney Fashion Hunter

    It’s every kiss dream to be living so close to Disneyland! Even living in Australia I have managed to visit about 5 times and also took my kids. Halloween is getting bigger here but no where near what it’s like in the US. I would love to visit when it’s on to get a sense of how big it really is. All that food Oh my … You must have been so full!

    • Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer

      Wow I feel a sugar rush coming on just reading this post. What a lovely experience for Milana. I wasn’t aware that they did a Halloween theme so early but then thinking about it people always put up their christmas trees early so why not do the same with Halloween.
      Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

      • Milana's Travels

        People travel from all over the world for the holidays, so Halloween starts early Sept-October 31st and Christmas from November 10-early January!

  • Melissa Smuzynski

    I haven’t been to DisneyLand since I was a kid, but this makes me so excited to take my daughter someday. My husband and I have already had the “when should we take her?” conversation, and have kind of determined 4-6 years old is the best age. What do you think? I LOVE the pictures of your daughter at Disney through the years. It makes me wish we lived closer and could go as often.

    • Milana's Travels

      My daughter has loved it since she was a tiny baby! And if you go before she’s 3, you don’t have to pay for her, so there’s always that! I don’t think there’s a wrong time. No matter the age, you’ll find something magical to do.

    • Ashley

      Wow! So much fun. We are hoping to go this year. I can not wait! The desserts and everything look absolutely amazing.

  • Your Next Big Trip

    You live 20 minutes from Disneyland?? Wow talk about living the dream <3 I'm currently trying to talk my boyfriend into Disneyland Paris for Halloween (it's not going so well!) I've never done Disney for the holidays but if course it stands to reason that they would go all out. The photos of your daughter are just beautiful and such lovely memories for her to grow up with!

  • Kari (Happy Coconuts Travel Blog)

    Halloween looks like such a fun time to visit Disneyland! Even for adults 🙂 The pumpkin cheesecake looks scrumptious, as do all the other treats. I love a good Halloween theme! Added to my bucket list!

  • happycoconutstravelblog

    Halloween at Disneyland?? Yes please! Looks like so much fun, I love a good theme. The pumpkin cheesecake looks scrumptious as do all the other treats. I have to add this to my bucket list, Disneyland on Halloween! Great post.

  • Clare

    I have never been to Disneyland, but it is one for the future. This looks like a great time of year to visit. The food also looks amazing 🙂

  • ourfamilytraveladventures

    The thing we miss most since moving out of California is our season passes to Disney! Fall has always been our favorite time in the park!

  • Kassie- The Fly Away Life

    Look at all those treats! They look delicious. I’ve never been to Disney during Halloween time but I have been during the holiday season and know that they really go all out! I guess I will have to try and get there at halloween at some point so I can try all those goodies!

  • Marta - Learningescapes

    It sounds like a really fun time to visit Disneyland! Halloween is a big festivity here in Ireland but the weather in November is often awful so, while ghostly, it does make outdoor play difficult: my kids would love this summery version of it!

  • Christina from Happy to Wander

    Ahh oh my gosh, as a Disney fanatic, this post made me SO happy. You are incredibly lucky to live so close to Disneyland, and it’s great to hear that even though you go several times a month, you’re still able to see the magic in it all. Those Halloween treats look amazing!! I was lucky enough to be in Disneyland (Paris) during the holidays and I love how they adjust the decorations and make it extra special. So cool. Would love to be at a Disney park for Halloween! (an excuse to dress up for sure)

  • Tara @ ShataraTravel

    Halloween was my favourite celebration when living in canada! And i love the after math photo- how did you handle her on that sugar high?!

  • Diana

    I love all the pumpkin carvings! It makes the park so festive without making it too creepy. How did your daughter like the haunted mansion? I would have been too scared to go in at her age. But then again, I would be scared to go in at my age now, so that’s not saying much. I would love to try the pulled pork dog!

    • Milana's Travels

      Haunted Mansion is one of her favorite rides! We’ve been going since she was an infant, so she’s used to it. It’s a super slow ride with a ton of awesome decorations so she loves it.

  • 2foodtrippers

    This looks like so much fun with tons of tasty treats. Plus, I must admit that I’m in love with those red and white striped pants. Adorable!

  • Karla at GlobalETA

    I’ve only ever been to Disney once and was too young to remember. You all must be experts by now! While I am not a huge Disney person, I can see how it would be so fun for kids and families. Milana is looking adorable as usual! Happy Halloween!

  • The Walking Map

    Halloween is a Misfits song! However the pictures here look tame by Misfits standards, lol. Some of the food looks good though. i love anything with pumpkin! “Anything” is a DANZIG (former Misfits singer) song!

  • wanderingwagarschristina

    Halloween in Disneyland sounds like every child’s dream. Milan is so lucky you live close by that you can attend the special events when you want to. I can’t believe all that candy. She must have gotten a lot of prizes from the dentist for donating it.

  • Julie Cao

    Lucky you live so close to the Disneyland. Those sweets and pork dogs looks so tempting. And I cannot take my eyes off the picture when Milana hug with Mickey Mouse. They both so adorable.

  • Bethanny Sudibyo

    ohhh this is cute! they seem to dive into the Halloween spirit 110%. The cookies and sweets look super delicious though. Wish I could go during Halloween, must be fun!

  • Natas

    She is so cutee. And it seems like a perfect Halloween in Disneyland .I can only imagine the joy and happiness in her eyes being on a place like this. Wish i was there , but hope my next Halloween will look something like this so i can go back in time and feel as a kid for a moment.

  • JenAHarper

    it’s definitely my favorite time at Disneyland! Some friends and I went on Friday, and I plan on going again soon, because I need to get as many of the halloween pins as I can this year!

  • Rebecca

    I’ll bet your daughter loves living so close to Disneyland. Halloween is a great time to visit. Our family went to Disney World years ago during Halloween. Loved the way it was decorated and the parade and all the fun. Would love to go back sometime.

  • The Walking Map

    The French Market looks like a place I would enjoy. You are so lucky to live in the Golden State. “Golden State” is a John Doe song!

  • Melai

    I’ve never been to any Disneyland in the world. Been saving that day for when I have my own children, too. It’s a great family bonding! Your kids are too cute! 🙂

  • delaine0984

    Milana looks so adorable! And those Halloween cakes look absolutely delish! You are so lucky to live close to Disneyland. I visited the one in Orlando & Paris a few year ago and loved it so much. Made me feel like a child again.

  • Priyanka Banerjee

    I have been to Florida and Paris several times, but never made it to the Disneyland..But OMG, this post with the amazing Halloween decors makes me want to fly to the fairy tale land right now. I am passing this on to my nephew and I think he will love it

  • Mirela Surghie

    Wow, Halloween time looks great for a Disneyland visit, my niece is totally obsessed by zombies, phantoms, skeletons, beside dinosaurs and dragons, and she’s around the same age as Milana

  • Anisa

    You are so lucky to live so close to Disneyland and be able to visit so often. It’s been way too long since I’ve been. I’m not that big into Halloween but I think this could get me into the spirit. And I do love pumpkin stuff too!

  • Glenny D

    I love disneyland!!! I’m planning on going to Disneyland in Cali for my early birthday / anniversary with my SO as he lives almost 20 mins away as well!! And well, I live in another country! hahahah

  • natalietanner

    Oh, a wonderful adventure to get to experience Disney year round! The decorations are just the coolest ever! I would love to enjoy the Halloween decorations for Disney……creepy but not scary.

  • Vyjay Rao

    Disneyland is a fun experience anywhere in the world. If you blend it with Halloween, then the experience goes to a different level altogether. I am sure you enjoyed and had a great time.

  • purplepumpernickelblog

    Such a lovely dose of Magic!

    I’m generally not a great fan of Halloween (too scary for me!) but I LOVE Halloween in Disney Parks … the colours of the park decorations, the Character costumes, the merchandise, the food (that Sally Coffin cake is just too cute!)

    Thank you for a lovely glimpse into the season!

  • Prerna_Malhan

    Must be so much fun living near the Disneyland. I can imagine the whole fun during the Halloween. Would love to visit during that time.

  • Heart Rogue

    I am so so so jealous! This looks so much fun and the photos are absolutely stunning. I am so glad you had a good time! 🙂

  • jengarynewadventures

    You did a wonderful job on the photos and article, thank you so much We cannot wait to travel to Disneyland in the future!

  • Love F & J

    We went to Disney World around Halloween and were so disappointed that we didn’t do the Not So Scary Halloween Party! We just did a Disney haul and got a cute Hocus Pocus mug, check it out!

  • lesliebakes

    I literally live 30 minutes away from Disneyland and have never been there around Halloween, even though I say I am going every year. Now I really have to go. Great post.

  • Jill

    We are big Disney lovers over here too!! We’ve never been at Halloween though! I can’t wait to do this with my kids!!

  • Natalie

    I have never been to Disneyland only Disney World, I wonder if they do the same thing but we are so far away. I will have to check it out!

  • Lynn Armstrong

    I have yet to experience any of the Disneyland holiday decor! I would really love to see it in the winter time with their Christmas decor up.

  • Kari

    The sugar skull cake pop was too cute! We hope to take our 4yr old to WDW’s MNSS part in 2020! Wish me luck on actually getting tickets for Halloween night ?

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