Farmhouse Airbnb in Oregon

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Ever since going on a farm field trip, Milana has been asking to stay on a farm.  So when I planned our trip to coastal Oregon, I happened to find a farmhouse/barn to rent on Airbnb just 20 minutes from Portland!  The farmhouse is in Wilsonville, a cute little town filled with families and lots of farms.  We aren’t Airbnb fans normally and prefer to stay in hotels, however I had to make this happen for Milana and she loved our 2 night stay here. If you’ve never used Airbnb, you can get a discount off your stay by using this link. If you like unique Airbnbs, this is definitely the place for you!


The farmhouse has 2 levels, with 2 beds up stairs and a sofa bed downstairs.  There was a box of toys in the upstairs closet as well.


The woman who owns this place, Jessica, also owns the kitchen connected to the farmhouse, where she hosts lots of cooking classes that you can take as well.  She stocked our fridge with homemade granola, almond milk and fresh eggs from her chickens. All the things we eat at home, we felt right at home!


The barn sits in the back of the main house, with lots of land to explore.  The owner has twin 5 year olds, which was awesome because it meant Milana had some playmates right outside our door! She was able to go in and out as she pleased and explored the farm quite a bit.


The highlight of the farm was the animals of course! The goats would run as soon as they saw her coming, hoping to get some food.


There was also a yellow lab named Phoebe, that loved to play fetch. Phoebe would bring Milana the ball and drop it over the fence for her to throw. Instant entertainment!


We didn’t really do much outside of hanging out at the Airbnb since that was our main goal for visiting however we did go to Memorial Park one morning.  It’s one of the best playgrounds we have ever seen, with a splash pad for the hotter months.


If you’re looking for a unique Airbnb to stay in, this is definitely it! I loved that it was so close to a major city but felt like it was in the middle of nowhere.  If you’re heading to Portland and want to get away from the city for a bit, this is a great place to go!


  • Sreekar Harinatha

    Wow. That surely seems like a place to spend a great weekend in. Especially loved the wooden rustic interiors and of course the animal farm and fountains. My son would absolutely love this!

  • Nicole Anderson

    What a fabulous place to spend a weekend. Not only would it have been a great experience for Milana but staying at such a great location would definitely have been refreshing. Being among a more nature-based accommodation tends to be more relaxing and I love the space you enjoyed – both inside and outside.

  • Amy Chung

    What a gorgeous little place and so perfect for kids. If its only 20 minutes out of Portland, might as well just stay there rather than a “getaway” option. Love that there are cooking classes and daughter would love all the farm animals.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    The Farmhouse looks like a nice place to spend a few days away from it all. Phoebe definitely seems to have a great time enjoying farm life. This is something that has become invaluable for people who live in the big cities.

  • Navita

    This looks like a perfect getaway being on a farmhouse! Its amazing you got this fantastic option through Arbnb in Oregon. There is so much the place has to offer and looks a lot of fun time and truly refreshing! Its so satisfying when we get the places which are just perfect through Arbnb. We are having a similar experience right now in Himalayas in the middle of mango orchids!

  • Yukti

    Living in farmhouse with kids is always a delightful experience. I loved the wooden interiors of this stay and also good to know that Jessica runs a cookery class too. I would love to take it and also teach her some of my Indian dishes. Your daughter looks happy and relaxed in farm also she got twin playmates there. This is perfect family staycation option from Portland.

  • Amar singh

    Looks like an amazing place to spend a long weened with the kids. In sync with nature and keep the kids busy The barn look really interesting filled with character. Interaction with the animals is a great way of teaching children how to respect wildlife. A great pmabenicerall and wish I could take my kids. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa

    What a wonderful experience for Milana, she really had a great time here! I’ve never stayed in a farmhouse either, but you’ve definitely inspired me to do so! It’s so sweet that the owner left some home grown goodies; it really make it feel more authentic.

  • eazynazy

    GOD this is something which every parent dreams for. I love everything about this place specially it’s kid friendly with so much to do there. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place with us.

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