What to do in the Cayman Islands With Toddlers

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Are you planning a trip to the Cayman Islands with infants or toddlers? The Cayman Islands are a great place to visit with toddlers! We took our daughter when she was 1 and she had a blast! The Cayman Islands are one of the best Caribbean Islands for a family trip. Read on for the best Cayman Island with toddlers and kids itinerary.

Where to stay in the Cayman Islands with kids

If you’re looking for a family friendly resort in the Cayman Islands, you’re in luck! There are several to choose from. We stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort, which is great for kids.  We rented a car for our entire stay, so that we weren’t stuck to the hotel and can explore some other areas of the island.  I highly recommend renting a car and exploring the island, especially Starfish point which had starfish on the beach.

Our hotel was phenomenal. The pool and beach were very kid friendly, and lots of families from all over the world were staying here.  Milana was 22 months old at the time of our trip.  There were floating rings/decks in the water where you can relax or use as a makeshift pool for your kids. 

These rings were in the super calm ocean!
Very kid friendly beach!

Another plus for our hotel was the child friendliness of the entire place.  There was some kind of child friendly activity by the beach area every day.  They did crafts, bubbles and handed out popsicles every day of our stay to all the kids.  And the beach bar was a hit with Milana too, who discovered her love of (virgin) pina coladas! Be sure to bring a baby pool float so you aren’t holding your child the entire time in the water. Also, I highly recommend bringing a reusable swim diaper. So much better than the disposable ones!

This float was perfect for the super warm and calm ocean!
Reusable swim diapers are so much cuter!

Perhaps the most awesome thing about the crystal clear water was the thousands of fish that were just a few feet from shore. It was so awesome to see so many fish right next to you. You can tell they’re used to being near people, since they don’t swim away when you are walking/splashing in the water. They are huge and right by the shore!

If you want to check out more Cayman Island hotel options, check out the interactive map below.

What to do in the Cayman Islands with toddlers and kids

Boat tour to Stingray City

There are many things to do in the Cayman Islands with kids! Probably the most popular tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands is a boat trip to Stingray City.  We took a short boat ride to a very shallow area in the middle of the ocean, where hundreds of sting rays were swimming right next to all the people. Milana really loved this part of the trip and even kissed one of the stingrays, for 7 years of good luck.

Stingray City

About an hour from the hotel is a beach called Rum Point, also very popular.  We decided to drive here and explore but wouldn’t go back.  The beach in front of our hotel was much better than this and didn’t require the long drive.  However, just before you reach Rum Point there is Starfish Point, a very secluded beach with starfish in shallow, clear water. This was definitely a huge highlight of the trip and made the drive worthwhile.

If you drive around the island, you will see a ton of huge iguanas! Your kids will love seeing these giants in the wild.

Where to eat in the Cayman Islands with toddlers and kids

Looking for family friendly restaurants in the Cayman Islands? We honestly weren’t impressed with the food here. The most disappointing thing about the Cayman Islands was the lack of good food. Unlike Turks & Caicos, which had phenomenal restaurants, the Cayman Islands lacked in that department.  We did find one amazing restaurant on the island, a bit away from the tourist area, in the West Bay.  Tim Buc Tuu was an amazing, local find and we went back multiple times because everything was so good! Their style of cooking is Tazine, which originated in Morocco.  Their lobster curry was amazing! The three cheese gnocchi was really good to, with an island twist to it. I’m sad to say, this restaurant has since closed. 

This place was so good, we’re sad to hear it closed!

We ended our trip with an anniversary dinner on the beach (celebrating 5 years of marriage!). The service, food and of course atmosphere was phenomenal. Milana sat through the 2+ hour dinner happily trying everything that was brought out. Her favorite was the garlic mussles, which to this day is one of her favorite foods!

If you are looking for a vacation destination that’s excellent for families with young kids, and has a nice combination of relaxing and adventurous activities, then the Cayman Islands are perfect for you! This is one of the best Caribbean Islands to visit with kids and toddlers.


  • wanderingwagarschristina

    I have always wanted to go to Grand Cayman for it’s beautiful waters! You got an amazing deal. I will definitely have to watch priceline more often. My kids would love starfish point the most.

  • Joe

    Lovely place to spend your anniversary 🙂 The marine life is truly beautiful – touching the stingrays sounds fantastic – and it’s cool that there are iguanas everywhere as well. You’ll have to return again when the little one is a bit older so that she can get stuck in to a ‘full’ pina colada next time 😉

  • Romy

    That water!! So stunning. I never knew there was a place where you could get so close to stingrays. That looks like a must do. I wonder if there are budget options for visiting the island.

  • Toronto Seoulcialite

    Looks like you’ve got a foodie on your hands to have a child be that patient! I was obsessed with pina coladas as a kid too. In Greece, I ordered one while out with my parents and the thing was half-full of booze – I was 14 years old! Looks like you had a great time. Sorry to hear about Rum Point, but glad you discovered some gems along the way.

  • kidsandcompass

    What a beautiful place. Looks like there was plenty to entertain little ones and keep parents happy! I hadn’t thought about Grand Cayman for a Caribbean destination but will put it on my list 🙂

  • eostories

    Looks like an incredible place! The water is so transparent and the fact that there are fishes and starfish is amazing! Beautiful photos of the beaches especially the one with the floating rings!

  • journalofnomads

    Congratulations with your anniversary!! What a stunning place to celebrate it!! It looks very exotic and I guess that you’ll have another seven great years ahead of you after your daughter (such a beautiful girl!!) kissed those stingrays. Very brave of her!!

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