Best Things to do in London with Tweens and Teens

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Are you planning a family trip to London with tweens and teens? If you’re looking for London teenager activities, keep reading! London is one of the best European cities to visit with teens. With its iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and endless activities, London offers an unforgettable experience for families traveling with teens. Our last trip to London was with young kids, so this trip was much different with a teen! Our daughter researched restaurants and activities so many of these suggestions are from a teen herself! Whether you’re wandering through bustling markets, or immersing yourselves in world-class museums, there’s something for everyone in London. Here are the best things to do in London with teens, from a teen herself and your family trip to London itinerary.

Where to Stay in London with Teens

When visiting London with teens, it’s important to consider accommodations that are centrally located, offer easy access to public transportation, and provide amenities that appeal to young travelers. Here are some suggestions for places to stay in London with teens and family friendly London hotels. Since we were using points to book our hotels, we went with hotel brands where we had points and status.

The Westminster London, a Hilton Hotel

The first half of our trip to London with teens was spent at The Westminster London, booked with Hilton points. The hotel was in a great location, just a few minutes walk from Big Ben. We were able to get anywhere else in the city by using either Uber, cabs or the bus which was a short walk away. There was no underground station near this hotel, so keep that in mind if you plan on using trains!

St. Ermin’s Hotel

Our second half of the trip we spent at St. Ermin’s. St. Ermin’s, a Marriott property, is one of the most popular hotels in London for traveling families. This hotel is located in the heart of Westminster, right next to a tube station, making it a very convenient hotel option in London. If you have Marriott points to use, you can redeem them here which is what we did.

I will be honest though, this is a very old building. If you are looking for a modern hotel with modern amenities, this isn’t it. We had some issues here: water didn’t work during 2 of our 3 days for like 8+ hours, there is absolutely zero room in the bathroom to put any of your toiletries or anything really, the shower was awful, the light comes into the room the second the sun comes up because their blinds aren’t blackout shades, and just many more little things. I think people are so focused on the actual property that they forget they are paying $500+ a night for something that should reflect that cost. Sure, the service is great but when you can’t use the toilet or shower in your expensive room for the majority of the day, the service doesn’t matter much. If this was a Courtyard by Marriott, I bet people would be complaining if they had the issues we experienced! My daughter has asked me to please not book these “historic” hotels without running water again, and I must agree. We prefer modern (and cheaper!) properties. They have always been much better for our family.

Because of my status, breakfast was free for us and it was great! Lots of options to choose from in their buffet area and on weekends, the buffet was open til noon which is nice for those of us whose kids don’t rise at the crack of dawn!

If you’re coming to St. Ermin’s with kids, be sure to ask for their top secret scavenger hunt at check in. Once your kids complete it, they can get a prize (a mocktail in the bar area). And don’t forget to go up to the 3rd floor to see their bee colony! You can purchase the honey these bees make at reception.=

st ermin's scavenger hunt

If you want to see other family friendly London hotels, check out the interactive map below.

How to get around London with teens and tweens

The Tube

One of the best and cheapest way to get around London is by using the Underground aka the tube. There is so much traffic in the city, which you won’t experience when using trains. The train system is really easy to figure out and one of the best ways to get around London with teens and tweens.

One of the underground stations


While not our first choice in getting around the city, buses made the most sense when our hotel wasn’t near a tube station. The biggest issue we experienced was late buses (due to traffic) and long rides, again due to traffic. But the biggest upside? If you sit on the top level, you can get some amazing views of the city without paying for those expensive hop on tour buses. We saw Big Ben from the top and lots of other sections of the city.

Visiting London with teens and tweens
View from the top of the bus.

Uber and taxis

Another way to get around London with teens and tweens is by using Uber and taxis. We used them a few times however know that they are very expensive here and rides take forever, because traffic is so bad. A less than 3 mile ride took over 15 minutes.

visiting London with teens and tweens
London taxi.


Our favorite way to explore a new city is by walking and we certainly did lots of that in London! Walk as much as you can, then take either a taxi, train or bus back to your hotel.

Best things to do in London with teens

London is one of the best European cities to visit with teens. If you’re looking for fun things to do in London with teens, you’ll have lots of options! With its vibrant neighborhoods, great dining scene and tons of activities, it’s a great place for a family trip. Whether your teens are history buffs, foodies, or art enthusiasts, London has something for everyone. Here are some exciting things to do in London with teens.

If you want to save on attractions, we highly recommend buying the London GoCity Pass!

Go to an Afternoon Tea

No trip to London is complete without partaking in at least one afternoon tea and London has many themed afternoon teas to choose from! There are many kid and family friendly afternoon teas in London to choose from. On our last trip, we did several and we didn’t want to repeat them so this time, Milana chose a teen friendly themed London afternoon tea at the Ampersand Hotel.

The Ampersand Hotel offers two themed afternoon teas-the science tea and the new Jurassic themed one. Milana chose the Jurassic one and the food and theme was really cute. While the theming was really great and it was a very kid and family friendly afternoon tea experience, so you didn’t feel like you had to silently sit the entire time, I will admit, the food wasn’t the best here. In fact we left a ton behind because it just wasn’t great. We much prefer traditional afternoon teas but if you’re looking for a theme, this is one to try. Others seem to love the food, so go see for yourself! Afternoon tea is one of the best things to do with teens and tweens in London.

London themed afternoon tea
London themed afternoon tea

Because we didn’t want to leave London not having had a good tea experience, we decided to go back to one of our favorites-The Park Room at The Grosvenor House. We came here on our last visit and it was one of our favorites! Kids 12 and under can choose the kids tea, which is what Milana did.

London kid friendly afternoon tea
The kids tea is so cute!

This is one of our favorite afternoon teas in London and definitely on the more traditional side. We did see quite a few tables with kids so as long as your kids are quiet and well behaved, this is a great option for a family friendly London afternoon tea. Just like on our last visit, kids get their very own Grover to take home!

The Grover kids get to take home.

Explore Harry Potter Magic at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

For fans of the wizarding world, a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is an absolute must. Step behind the scenes of the beloved film series and explore the enchanting sets, props, and costumes that brought J.K. Rowling’s magical world to life. From wandering through the Great Hall to sipping Butterbeer at Diagon Alley, this immersive experience promises to ignite the imaginations of teens and adults alike. If your teen is a Harry Potter fan, this is a must for teenagers in London.

Visit Hamleys Toy Store

Yes, you read that right! You are never too old to visit a toy store and visiting Hamleys, the biggest toy store in London, is a must with kids and even teens! There are 7 levels in this store, with some amazing interactive sections and pretty much every toy you can imagine. Hamleys is one of the most famous toy stores in the world and definitely worth a visit on your next trip to London with teens.

visiting London with teens and tweens

Waterstones Bookstore

Do your kids like to read? Then a visit to the largest bookstore in London is a must! Waterstones has 6 levels filled with every book you can imagine. Milana loves British authors and we order them online and pay more than double to have them shipped to us. So every time we visit Europe, we make it a point to stop at a bookstore and stock up on some new books. Waterstones was amazing with lots of fun books to choose from. Add this amazing bookstore to your London with teens itinerary!

visiting London with teens and tweens

Visit the Pug Cafe

One day while scrolling through TikTok, we stumbled upon the CuppaPug Pug themed cafe. I was so happy to see that it was very close to London and I knew we had to go! We have a Pug at home and it’s one of our favorite dog breeds. These are all Pugs that are owned by either the owners of the cafe, people who visit the cafe or people who drop their own Pugs off for a day of play. They’re very well taken care of and have lots of adventures to the park and beach when not at the cafe. This is one of the best things to do in London with kids and teens, who doesn’t love a smushy faced potato? Milana loved this and said everyone should visit the Pug cafe!

Potato heaven!

Science Museum

Located in South Kensington, the Science Museum is great for kids of all ages. The best part? It’s free to enter! You just need to reserve your time slot online. They do charge for certain exhibits, but the majority was free. We paid for the Wonderlab exhibit, which was definitely wroth it.

visiting London with teens and tweens

Walk around the city

One of our favorite things to do in every city we visit is to just walk around and explore the area. London has so many great neighborhoods and landmarks, you can easily walk for several hours and not run out of things to do.

Big Ben is a must see!
what to do in London with tweens and teens
Tower Bridge.
Is it even a trip to London if you don’t see Buckingham Palace?

Visit the Camden Market

If your teens and tweens are anything like mine, they love to shop! This is such a cute area of London, with so many cute, locally owned shops. This largest market in London has something for everyone. My daughter loved going from stall to stall and picking out some fun things to bring home. This is one of the best things to do in London with teens and tweens.

The street leading up to Camden Market.
Camden Market.

Oxford Street

Another great shopping area, Oxford Street is sure to be a hit with your teens! There are tons of stores here, including Urban Outfitter and Primark, which your teen will love.

Where to eat in London with teens

London offers a diverse culinary scene that is sure to please even your teenager! If you’re looking for the best restaurants in London for teenagers that are family friendly, we have some recommendations.

Borough Market

This renowned food market in Southwark offers a wide variety of delicious foods from around the world. Teens will enjoy exploring the stalls offering everything from gourmet sandwiches and artisanal cheeses to fresh seafood and international street food. This was one of our favorite places to visit in London with teens! There were tons of food options and everything we tried was really good.

We mainly went for the famous chocolate covered strawberries, which were amazing, but quickly discovered lots of other yummy treats. The raclette is a must! Be sure to come hungry, there are so many good food options here.

where to eat in London with kids
Chocolate covered strawberries are a must!
where to eat in London with kids
Try the raclette!

Pick & Cheese

Does your family like cheese? Then this is a place for you! This conveyor belt restaurant has all sorts of cheese available to try. When you see something you like, simply lift it off the conveyor belt and enjoy. We are huge cheese fans and this was one of our favorite places we ate in London. A must when visiting London with teens and tweens! This is one of the most Instagram worthy restaurants in London, so bonus points if your teens are on social media.

My favorite London restaurant!

Din Tai Fung

Another great place to bring teens and tweens in London is Din Tai Fung. We have been to several locations in the world, including their original one in Taipei. We also used to live within walking distance to the Orange County, CA location and have visited them many times. It’s one of our favorite restaurants an the Covent Garden location was great. If you like freshly made dumplings, particularly xiao long bao, this is a must visit on your trip to London with teens and tweens.

best family friendly restaurants in London

Roti King

Recommended to us by several locals, we knew we had to try Roti King! We got there just before the evening rush and were seated right away. As we were leaving, there were at least 40 people in line waiting to be seated so come early if you don’t want to wait.

The food here is really good, just be sure to order everything at the same time since they have a one order policy.

On our last trip to London, we went to Dishoom but we weren’t fans and this was much better!

Mercato Mayfair

One of the best family friendly places to eat in London is at the Mercato Mayfair. This church turned food hall has several different options, so everyone in your family can get something different. My daughter loved seeing the stained glass windows and eating inside what used to be a church. She chose the ramen and I got pasta for my meal.

As you can see, London is one of the best cities in Europe to visit with teens and tweens. There are so many things to do here, you can easily spend weeks and not see everything. Want to read this later? Pin one of the images below!

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