We are a family of 3, with a little girl (born 10/2011) who loves to travel and explore the world!  Dave and I met in 2006 and started traveling together within a couple of months of knowing each other. We’ve been to 49 of the 50 states (just missing Alaska) and countless countries.  This blog is about traveling with kids, so our travels before Milana will not be included.  Milana has been traveling from a young age (her first flight was at a few weeks old!) and is loving every minute. She definitely caught the travel bug at an early age, always asking when our next airplane ride will be!  We tend to book last-minute so this list will be updated as we find awesome travel deals. We booked Taipei just a week before going!

Our 2017 travels:
January-Orlando, New Jersey
February: Winter Park/Denver
March: Paris, Madrid, London
April: Orlando, Cancun, Phoenix
May: San Antonio
June: Santa Barbara, Las Vegas
July: Puerto Vallarta
August: Cook Islands, Tokyo
September: Chicago, Portland
October: Seattle
November: Taipei
December: Reno/Carson City for the Polar Express train ride, Albuquerque/Santa Fe

So far in 2018 we have booked:
January- Early Jan-Albuquerque/Santa Fe, Late Jan-New Orleans
February: San Diego
March:Stockholm, Copenhagen
April: Gdansk (Poland)
June: Denver, Boulder, St. Louis
July: Puerto Vallarta




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