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If you’re in Taipei, a day trip to Tamsui (or Danshui in Taiwanese) is a must! It’s super easy to get to, being the last stop on the red line, and super cute to explore.  In the 19th century, Tamsui was the largest fishing port in all of Taiwan.  When you exit the train station, cross the light at the signal and keep left.  You will see lots of stores and restaurants and street vendors selling lots of yummy snacks!


One of the first stops for us was some really good bubble tea:


As we kept walking, we found a guy selling this amazing smelling “bread” that they call cheese bread.  It was around $3USD and we figured the price was for a slice.  We were shocked when the guy handed us an entire loaf!  Our loaf had just come of the oven and was piping hot.  The filling wasn’t really like cheese, but rather sweet and oh so good! These are sold everywhere including night markets, so be sure to try some while in Taiwan.


We stumbled upon a market that sold lots of items, food, fruit, etc. so of course we had to wander around and check things out. It reminded me of the Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok!


You can never have enough xiao long bao so we got some from a guy selling it, for just $2USD an order! Milana saw a corn vendor across the way so we got her some corn as well.


We also checked out some of the stores, since Milana likes to collect keychains from each destination.


After, we wandered around the streets before heading to the river area.


Walking along the river, you will see lots of stores, restaurants, street vendors, and the famous giant ice cream cone place! You can select how tall you want your ice cream and they fill your cone in front of you. For less than $1USD, you have a very tall cone that you better eat fast before it melts!



Tamsui was super cute and worth the quick day trip from Taipei!



  1. Whoa, that’s a lot of ice cream lol. The cheese bread looks delicious too. Your posts keep getting me more and more excited for my Taiwan trip! Im glad to know it’s also fairly inexpensive.

  2. It looks like Tamsui is actually a foodie’s heaven! That sweet cheese loaf looks delicious and very soft. I would love to try it. The giant ice cream cone is definitely the attraction though, did your daughter manage to eat it before it melt?

  3. That is definitely a giant ice cream cone! The cheesy sweet bread sounds different but I’m sure is delicious, it’s bigger than Milana! I’d definitely add this place to my list if visiting Taipei, looks amazing!

  4. Looks like Milana would cherish this moment. See how happy she looks. Wished my mom was a travelers took me places when I was young. And the icecream looks funny to me. Even the cheesbread. But sure, they look yummy.

  5. Totally jealous of that ice cream! Lol, it looks like you guys had a blast at the food markets and exploring Tamsui! I definitely need to check it out next time I travel that way.

  6. Yum, looks like lots of good food options in Tamsui! I love wandering around food markets and sampling different options. That ice cream cone cracks me up–it’s almost as big as she is!

  7. Taiwan is on our to do list and we almost booked for this time round, however we didnt and now starting to regret it as it looks soo much fun to travel there with a kid. The size of that ice cream for less than 1USD is insane. I bet Milana was loving it haha. Its cool to see your daughter keep a collection of something for everywhere shes been. A nice reminder

  8. I always welcome day trip ideas because it gives me option to know more about the place and its surroundings. Although I am yet to make to Taiwan yet, but having an idea beforehand is always good. I am a tea lover so that bubble tea is on my must try food items. Being a foodie and bread lover I think that bread slice Milana is trying to eat is a piece I also want to eat 😀 This post literally made me hungry, especially the tallest ice cream which I have ever seen 😉

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