Denver-Travel With Kids

In early February 2017, we went to Colorado.  The purpose of the trip was to visit Winter Park (see separate blog post) but we spent 2 days in Denver as well.  Unlike Winter Park, where there was tons of snow and 30 degree weather, Denver was in the high 60s during the time we were there. It was great, spring-like weather for exploring the city!

One of our favorite things to do is visit local children’s museum, and Denver’s just might be our new favorite! Since we arrived in Denver early and it wasn’t time to check into our hotel yet, this was our first stop.


There were so many cool exhibits and things to do. Milana loved the art studio, where she got to paint a buffalo:


There was a pet hospital room:


And lots of other things. Her favorite was the loose parts room, where you choose recycled materials and create something new.  She wanted to come back the next day! Their market/kitchen area was amazing, one of the best we’ve seen.  And they also had a great water play area.  I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Denver!


After the museum, we headed downtown to the Magnolia Hotel.  The hotel is in the process of converting to a SPG property, so you’ll be able to use points to book really soon! We loved the hotel, our room and the location.  We used Priceline and it was another winning bid!


The hotel was just one block from the 16th street mall, a pedestrian area with lots of shopping and restaurants.  We walked around quite a bit!


If you get tired of walking, there are shuttle buses that will take you block by block.  They ran pretty frequently and best of all, they’re free!


Just half a block from the hotel was one of the best tea places we’ve ever tried.  The Tea Cloud has lots of different tea types/flavors, so you are sure to find one you like.  We liked their rooibos fruity burst so much, that we placed an order for it as soon as we got home. If you’re a tea lover, don’t miss this gem!


Since it was such a short time in Denver, we didn’t get to try much food. But we loved what we did try!  On the corner of 16th Street and Stout Street (half a block from the hotel) is an awesome taco stand called Asada Rico.  We don’t normally eat Mexican food outside of SoCal (we have the best Mexican food here!), but this seems to always have a line and great reviews, so we gave it a shot.  So glad we did because the food is really good! I had the asada tacos and Milana had the bean and cheese burrito.  Both were excellent!


Another really good place was Hapa Sushi, one of the best sushi places we’ve been to.


One of the more unique dining experiences was the Buckhorn Exchange.  We saw this place on the Travel Channel, they specialize in Rocky Mountain Oysters aka bull testicles.  So of course, we had to venture here and try some!  They weren’t as terrible as they sound, but I’d be fine with never eating them again! We also had some rattlesnake dip while here, which was actually pretty tasty.


We had a great time in Denver and would love to have had more time to explore.  Milana still talks about the children’s museum, so we may just have to go back to visit and explore some more.


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  1. Denver is interesting place to visit with kids. Loved that pet museum for kids. Also Magnolia hotel is comfortable stay in this place. I have never used Priceline before and I would now use to get better bid. Thanks for sharing!


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