A Travel-Themed Birthday Party

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Milana turned 5 on October 29th and wanted a pool party. Parties are always a huge deal in our house, and she gets to pick her theme. For her 3rd, she chose an octopus theme (that was her obsession then!), last year was unicorn and rainbows. And this year, much to my delight, she asked for a travel themed party! Everything turned out super cute and I couldn’t be happier with the vendors we used.

Her dessert table turned out super cute! That’s my favorite part of her parties and this year didn’t disappoint.


We had globe cake pops that not only looked good, but were very delicious!


And some personalized travel themed cookies:


The cake was super cute! I sent the baker a picture of an idea and she replicated it exactly like what I showed her! Not only was this cake adorable, it tasted really good too.


We decided to do simple cupcakes this year, and used airplane toppers to go with the theme.


We collect postcards from all of our travels, so I decided to make a backdrop out of all the postcards.  I knew I wouldn’t have enough of a variety, so I asked people in various travel groups to send Milana postcards and we got over 100 sent to us! Huge thank you to everyone who sent us one, it made her day and completed the awesome backdrop.


Snacks were presented in a tiny little suitcase:


For favors, I had custom favor bags made out of map fabric, and we put crayons, little passport notebooks, and passport stamp stickers inside.


And we had travel accents all around:


Her invitation was a boarding pass, and the cutest thing ever!


Prior to the party, I emailed a bunch of different airlines asking them to send her a birthday card.  Most did, but some went above and beyond! JetBlue sent her a gift with some JetBlue promotional items.  United sent her a $50 voucher to use for a future flight. And Southwest sent her this huge poster, signed by their staff. It was the perfect thing to hang at her party!


And here are a couple of photos from the actual party:


We had an awesome time and the birthday girl enjoyed her party immensely.  Just for fun, here are the last two year’s themes.  She started picking her own themes at 3 and we just go with the flow!






  1. Awesome party. Love all the decor. My bday is next month, throw me one also lol.
    Aiden’s 3rd birthday had 3 themes. He just couldn’t pick one. I’m curious to see what he will choose next year for his 4th birthday!
    Also collecting post cards is great. We usually collect magnets, but I’ve been trying to figure out what is best.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I can’t wait to have kids to make things like that! Did you make the cake pops and cookies on your own or you found such an awesome baker?

  3. Happy 5th birthday to Milana. She looks so happy in all the pictures. I really loved the travel themed party. It was so nice of everyone to send postcards from around the world. That was so thoughtful and I would have loved to send if I had known about it then.

  4. Happy 5th birthday to Milana. She looks so happy in all the pictures. I really loved the travel themed party. It was so nice of everyone to send postcards from around the world. That was so thoughtful and I would have loved to send if I had known about it then.

  5. I cannot believe you did all that yourself!! So creative!! I could never do anything like that, it looks like an amazing party 🙂

  6. Our best wishes to Milana. It astonishing she at such a small age understands travels and lovely that she suggested travel theme for her special day. Loved all the arrangement especially the cake, it looks delicious.

  7. Wow, this is absolutely wonderful! I love how you got all the items together for her, so wonderful and creative. She chose an amazing theme and there is so much to learn when traveling. I am so glad she is catching on at such an early age. Travel has so many benefits in the future! (Hi Milana, Happy Birthday!)

  8. These photos are amazing! You totally went all-out with the theme and I love it! Someone I know had a travel-themed wedding and I love how there is so much you can do with it! I especially love those suitcases!

  9. OMG These are just the cutest! The cookies are absolutely gorgeous. Happy birthday Milana- she’s a lucky girl 🙂 I can’t wait to have a kid of my own to throw him/her parties like these

  10. This is so fun and beautiful! It was such a great theme and I’m glad the airlines were so sweet to help you out there. Hmmm… Maybe I should try something similar lol!

  11. OH MY GOD! I am so stealing this for my 33 birthday. haha – I have always wanted to do this and even toyed with having a baby nursery travel themed (if we have a kid). I love seeing it come to light. The details make this amazing,

  12. Wow! I love the dessert table. This reminds me of my youngest 3rd birthday party. She was into Ni Hao, Kai-Lan and she had a China theme. I know Milana was super excited from the looks of the party!

  13. Love the travel theme birthday party for her! If she does love postcards, she definitely needs to join the postcrossing to get and to send postcards throughout the world. I wish a great birthday and keep traveling the world to learn more about our beautiful planet and our great diversity!!

    the Round The World Guys

  14. Whoa! The day after is my birthday, I want a party like this! It’s fabulous and it’s so obvious that Milana is having a whale of a time. A BIIIIIIIG Happy Birthday to her and bestest wishes for a beautiful travel-filled year ahead. 🙂
    And you, Maggie, are a supermom! 🙂

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