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The Best Educational Podcasts for Kids

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25 Best Podcasts for Kids

Are you looking for the best podcasts for kids?  You’ve come to the right place! There are a ton of educational and engaging podcasts for kids! Family friendly podcasts are a great way to spend time on road trips. As frequent travelers, we needed a balance between mindless binging on shows and movies and reading books on the plane.  The solution? Podcasts! It’s screen time without overstimulation, perfect for winding down on long flights or road trips. Podcasts are a great way for kids to learn about pretty much anything! And the best part? You will probably love these as much as your kids and may learn something new in the process.

Milana is now 12 and has been listening to kid friendly podcasts since around 4 years of age.  For the plane, I highly recommend these headphones  for toddlers and kids up to around 8. Milana has been using hers since she was around 18 months old and had the same pair til we replaced it with the bigger kid version at 8. These are indestructible and unlike most kid headphones that have a volume limit built in, these have an optional volume limit cable, meaning you can actually hear things over airplane noise.

We have listened to all of podcasts and have discovered some of the best kid friendly and family friendly podcasts that your family will love.

How to Listen to Podcasts

So how do you listen to Podcasts? We are an Apple family and Milana has her own iPad with the Podcasts app.  Another app you can use is the Stitcher for Podcasts app which will play the podcasts right through the app or SoundCloud, another app that lets you stream podcasts as well as music. If you have an Android device, download the Google Podcasts app. Pocket Casts is an app you can download to your Apple or Android device and listen to Podcasts.  As you can see, there are many ways to listen to Podcasts!

Aside from Podcasts, be sure to also download best audiobooks for family road trips for your trip! If you get an Amazon audible subscription, you can get 3 free months to try out!

There are a ton of podcasts geared towards kids, but I will mention 25 that Milana loves and listens to on a regular basis. Podcasts are great entertainment for road trips with kids as well as long flights. And in no particular order, here are the best podcasts for kids.

Best Podcasts for Kids

1. Purple Rocket Podcast

One of the best kids podcasts is Purple Rocket Podcast. This will quickly become your family favorite! We especially love Grandpa’s Globe, which now has 2 seasons. Your kids will be taken on adventures all around the world! We all love this podcast and highly recommend it to families with kids. Update: Season 2 of Grandpa’s Globe is now out too, I know I said these aren’t in order but this is by far our favorite Podcast so it gets place #1. If you only listen to one, make it this one! And if you’re listening to episode 1 of season 2 of Grandpa’s Globe, listen all the way to the end for a special shout out!

Best Podcasts for kids

2. The Who Was? Podcast

Based on the popular Who Was? book series, this educational kid friendly podcast is one of our favorites! Learn about Thomas Edison, Marco Polo, Maya Angelou and everyone in between! This is one of the best podcasts for kids who like history and learning about people from the past.

best podcasts for kids

3. Brains On!

If your child loves science, this is great podcast for science loving kids!  This podcast takes questions submitted by kids and experts answer them.  Your child will learn things like why we smell and what happens to pee and poop when you flush.  It’s funny and entertaining, surely to keep them engaged and learning.  It tops our list of the best podcasts for kids.

4. Who, When, Wow!

If you have a little history buff, this podcast is for you! In this podcast, Carly Q will explore the mysteries of history. Things like what happened to the dinosaurs? And what exactly is the Bermuda Triangle? Your kids will love this new twist on history.

Who, When, Wow! - Tinkercast

5. Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling

This is one of the best podcasts for kids! In How to be an Earthling, your kids will learn about different animals and conservation efforts. Topics like manatees, penguins and bees are sure to keep young animal lovers engaged.

Introducing Flip & Mozi's Guide to How to Be An Earthling - Storynory

6. Reading Bug Adventures

This podcast is created, written and produced by an independent children’s bookstore.  For the little travelers, there’s an episode called An Airplane Adventure and An Antarctic Adventure.  Every episode features an original story with original music. If you’re looking for the best story podcast, this one is a great option!

7. Earth Rangers

Do you have little nature lovers? This podcast is for you! The host, Emma, travels the world and learns lots of facts about different animals around the world.  Your child will learn about polar bears, elephants and everything in between! It’s one of the best science podcasts for kids.

8. Moment of Um

Have your kids ever asked you random questions out of nowhere? Moments of Um Is a podcast that covers the most random topics. Things like what happens when we get sunburned and why do we like some foods and not others are just some of the questions covered.  This is one of the best podcasts for curious kids of all ages.

best podcasts for kids

9. Whose Amazing Life?

One of the best kid friendly podcasts is Whose Amazing Life. Listen closely to each story and try to guess who it’s about. Their identity won’t be revealed until the end of the story!

best podcasts for kids

10. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

As a parent, you have definitely heard the dreaded, ” But Why?” from your kids more times than you can count! This biweekly shows answers questions such as why sugar is bad for you and how mussels get their shells. They will take over answering the dreaded why question, if only for a little bit!  This one is a family favorite one in our house, we are listening to some of the older episodes we missed in between waiting for new ones. But Why is one of our daughter’s favorite podcasts for kids.

11. Cool Facts About Animals 

What’s cool about this podcast is that it’s a podcast for kids, by kids.  Your kids will learn about king cobras, frogs, goats and pretty much everything in between.

12. Fun Kids Science Weekly 

This is a weekly science podcast from the UK, with episodes talking about everything from robots and dinosaurs to killer whales and mummies. If you’re looking for a kids science podcast, this is one of the best!

13. Who Smarted? 

A newer Podcasts and one your entire family will love! Milana quickly fell in love with this Podcast and listens to it daily. The episodes are short and informative. You’ll find answers to questions like why do we need sleep and how do ears work? If your kids like learning Podcasts, this one is a must!  This is a favorite in our family and we think it’s one of the best podcasts for kids.

best podcasts for kids

14. Little Stories for Tiny People

These are the perfect stories for even the tiniest listeners, as the stories are all super cute and will keep even the youngest listeners engaged.  The stories are all original, many about animals. If you are looking for a good way to wind down at the end of a long day, turn on one of their bedtime stories. We love this podcasts, especially the episodes about Little Hedgehog. This one tops the list for best podcast for preschoolers.

15. Sparkle Stories Podcast 

These are weekly original stories from around the world.  Our whole family enjoys listening to these! The stories are wholesome and engaging and there are hundreds to choose from.

16. The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian 

This one is probably better for the 6 and up crowd.  This podcast shares the story of an 8 year old boy who lives on a space station and solves mysteries with his friends. This podcast is perfect for those long flights or road trips as there are many episodes to listen to. Everything in this podcast is completely PG and violence free, so you can let your kids listen without worry.


17. Story Pirates

The Story Pirates are a bunch of actors who tell stories that were written by kids.  They have episodes like, “I Lost My Tooth in Hollywood,” and “How the Beaver Came to Canada,” it’s bound to entertain your entire family!

Best podcasts for kids

18. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Are you looking for the best bedtime podcast for kids? Then look no further than Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. My 11 year old loves this podcast and listens to it before bed most nights. Your kids will learn about amazing women from all over the world.

best podcasts for kids

19. Tumble

This is one of the best science podcasts for kids.  It not only addresses science topics like hurricanes and volcanoes, but real life scientists are interviewed making it even cooler!

20. Wow in the World

This podcast is NPR’s first show for kids that discusses the latest news in science in technology in a way kids can understand.  This is a hit with both adults and kids. Your kids will learn how astronauts poop in space and you won’t have to google when they ask because they’ll already know (and let’s face it, they will ask at some point in their childhood!) Because of the information presented, we think it’s one of the best podcasts for kids.

21. Forever Ago

One of the best history podcasts for kids is Forever Ago. Learn about things like the story of the rainbow pride flag and the history of the microwave. This is one of the best Podcasts for kids!

best podcasts for kids

22. Greeking Out

Produced by National Geographic Kids, Greeking Out is a podcasts about Greek Gods and Goddesses, and myths. It’s one of the best history podcasts for kids, focusing on Greece.

best history podcasts for kids

23. Smash Boom Best

From the makers of Brains On comes this debate podcast for kids. In each episode, two things are debated and you get to choose which is best.

best podcasts for kids

24. The Week Junior Show

Based on the award winning kids magazine, The Week Junior Show Podcast takes you behind the scenes of their magazine and current news topics are discussed in a kid friendly manner. This podcast is intended for kids ages 8-14.

podcasts for kids

25. Nice to Meet You

This comedy podcast for kids features Professor Burkhead, who beams two creatures onto his space station each week (one human, one animal) and conducts ground breaking social experiments. These episodes are all mostly around 15 minutes long, making it great when you need something shorter to listen to.

podcasts for kids

There you have it, these are some of our favorite kid friendly and family friendly podcasts that I’m sure your kids will love too. Podcasts are the best entertainment for road trips and flights.  Did we miss any of your favorites? Tell us what they are in the comments below! Want to read this later? Pin one of the images below!


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